Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation

An Appealing Website Is Pointless If It Doesn’t Make You Profit

Impressed by your website? Unimpressed by the lack of knocks on the door, phone calls, sales and form completions? Well that’s normal for most web sites, as the design you have created is what you like and not always what your client likes.

Does this mean you have failed? Absolutely not. It means it’s time for you to start analysing your processes to see what they are doing, and maybe moving your messages around based on the traffic directed to your website. Providing they are the right kind of visitors, you can start to understand from looking at your statistics what you are doing right and wrong..

The process of website optimisation is an important factor to get right and it’s not something anyone has a magic formula for.

Don’t stress, we’re experts at understanding visitors, and can use our analytic software tools, expertise and knowledge to help you get those important phone calls, online purchases and email enquiries.

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Stage 1

Gaining access to your Google analytics. Getting access to this information allows us to start analysing why visitors are arriving and leaving your site without contacting you.

Stage 2

Once we analyse the visitors, we can see what happens with the site. Now we need to check it’s the right kind of traffic. Working on the inbound search terms we can check the profitability of the arriving traffic, to ensure it’s the right traffic, traffic which will convert.

Stage 3

Once the analysis has taken place we will produce a report which will be presented to you and any stakeholders in the business that need to be part of this reporting process. Our findings will be presented and recommendations based on how we can make changes to your site and what needs to be optimised better.

Stage 4

With a dedicated development team and content writing for digital marketing we can start the work to make the changes to your site. Like anything this is iterative and will take several weeks to complete. You have to analyse the changes and make further amends until this process is complete and your leads/sales start to roll in.

We're Google Partners

Here at FDC we are trusted and accredited by Google, meaning we are experts in advising you on any aspect of Google's Advertising products.

Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites use effective methods of optimisation to increase performance, so they run as smooth as possible without the need for a high-end server.

Facebook Demographics

There are 36 million accounts on Facebook in the UK, with the power to slice and dice the advertising demographics, and make your product and service stand out. We have extensive experience in building Facebook profiles and advertising avenues to boost your online presence.

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Profit driven marketing for 40+ hospitals UK-wide

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Boosting leads and sales in a competitive industry

for Bathroom & Showers Direct; top supplier of bathroom products

Staying ahead of the competition to increase sales

For UK-wide recognisable wholesaler suppliers and distributors Dina International

Effective email marketing campaigns that boosted profit

for specialists in the holiday industry Travelsoon

Identifying and implementing marketing methods to make profit

for Holmewood Hall; reputable company in the Conference Events Industry

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