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Social media is known as a double edged sword in terms of business. Whilst it’s a great tool to boost customer reach and build your customer relationships, if used incorrectly, social media can also be very damaging to your business.

This is why it is so important to put your faith into the hands of social media experts with years of experience in this field knowing the DO’s and DON’Ts. Put your faith into our hands and we will construct a full proof strategy which is tailor-made to meet your requirements.


If your competitors use social media effectively and you do not, you need to take action.

Imagine you have been running a successful business for years using traditional marketing methods, to then be faced with a competitor who comes onto the scene stealing your potential and loyal customers through the use of social media. This will create a damaging effect to your overall income, therefore you have no choice but to adapt to stay relevant in this digital era.

In today's digital world, a strong marketing initiative alone will not result in sales and customers. Marketing is rapidly changing and in order for your business to stay successful, you need to tap into the online world. It’s all about offering a unique customer experience using both traditional methods and social channels. There is no better way for you to connect with your customers, both existing and potential, than through social media. Putting efforts into making a positive brand experience for your customers, this in turn can lead to insights that will have a positive impact on every customer and help towards building their trust. Customers will see that you want to connect on a personal level and have their best interests in mind, which adds substantial value to your business on a whole. Social media allows customers to be converted from passive reactors to advocates.

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HOW can we help with your SOCIAL MEDIA?

Trusting us with your social media will allow your business to:

  • Communicate, collaborate and build a community with your audience.
  • Use the correct combination of social media tools and platforms, to bring the aspects which matter into your foundations.
  • Eliminate risk and increase benefits by implementing a successful strategy through careful planning.
  • Increase business opportunities by connecting with the people that matter in your industry.
  • Avoid risks of security, PR and HR issues and not let them postpone progress by having in place a social media policy.
  • Set clear goals that should be achieved over a certain period of time. There is no point doing social media simply for the sake of doing it. This can result in more problems than benefits.
  • Constantly take advantage of evolving tools and the opportunities that they create. Social media tools are always developing and what is available today may not necessarily be available tomorrow. The strategy created for you will enable you to continually encompass the correct combinations of social media tools that will help you to meet your goals.

We’re Google Partners

Here at FDC we are trusted and accredited by Google, meaning we are experts in advising you on any aspects of Google's Advertising products

Search Engine Optimisation

All our websites use effective methods of optimisation to increase performance, so they run as smooth as possible without the need for a high-end server.

Facebook Demographics

There are 36 million accounts on Facebook in the UK, with the power to slice and dice the advertising demographics, and make your product and service stand out. We have extensive experience in building Facebook profiles and advertising avenues to boost your online presence.

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