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Drive quality traffic to your website to increase sales through SEO and PPC

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Clicks to make you Profit

Drive the right clicks to your web site that convert to profit

  • Your web site on page 1 of Google for your product or service
  • Turn clicks into sales enquires and leads
  • Drive down your CPC cost
  • One to one support from our Digital Team


  • Keyword optimisation for national searches
  • Dedicated digital marketing team
  • Extensive reporting
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Google Adwords Management

  • Managed Google Advertising Campaigns
  • Dedicated Support from Google Partner Team
  • Extensive reporting
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Ecommerce SEO

  • Keyword optimisation for product searches
  • Dedicated digital marketing team
  • Extensive reporting
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The more sources you use, the better

When driving traffic to your website, the more sources you have working for you, directing traffic to your site, the higher your chance of a sale.

In order to drive relevant, high quality traffic to your website, many different sources must be both explored and utilised. It’s no use putting all your eggs in one basket as that source will run dry resulting in your missing out on golden opportunities.

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Importance Of Driving Traffic

Put yourself in this scenario; you have a great looking shop window, one that showcases your products and services immensely. However, your shop is located in the north pole deep underground in a cellar, meaning no one is walking through the door and buying from you. When some Eskimos finally do appear, they realise your beach umbrella is not what they are looking for and leave. Your business will soon go bust, so what’s the solution? You should put your shop in the way of the relevant traffic - like an obstacle. They have to make a diversion if they don’t want to go in.

This is exactly the same case in the digital world. There is no point having an amazing website with all the latest gadgets and gizmos if no relevant traffic is driven your way. It is also pointless driving traffic for the sake of doing so. It must be relevant to your industry otherwise the end goal will never result in a sale.

Don’t fret! We specialise in driving relevant, quality and cost effective traffic to your website; with one important goal in mind -generating you profit!

We’re Google Partners

Here at FDC we are trusted and accredited by Google, meaning we are experts in advising you on any aspects of Google's Advertising products

Search Engine Optimisation

All our websites use effective methods of optimisation to increase performance, so they run as smooth as possible without the need for a high-end server.

Facebook Demographics

There are 36 million accounts on Facebook in the UK, with the power to slice and dice the advertising demographics, and make your product and service stand out. We have extensive experience in building Facebook profiles and advertising avenues to boost your online presence.

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Incorporating effective SEO and PPC methods to drive web traffic

For Addison Saws; Suppliers of state of the art metal sawing machines

Effectively managing PPC campaigns to target web traffic

For Just Add Water; UK innovators of sleek bathroom design

Driving quality traffic through a range of marketing methods

For Moness; Established 4* Holiday Resort and Spa in Scotland

Identifying and targeting traffic to increase profit

for Dina International; Leading UK wholesale suppliers and distributors

Boost important keyword rankings to drive traffic

For UK printer specialists HP Plotter

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