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James J. Fox


James J Fox have been traders in fine tobacco and smokers accessories for over 225 years, they began trading in St James’s Street in 1787. Their customers have varied from commoners to Kings, even the well known Sir Winston Churchill and Oscar Wilde have been known to make purchases from them. 

James J Fox approached us to work with them to build a new Magento 2 website  that is stylish and user friendly on all devices while ensuring their SEO was not affected.


A dedicated team of developers have developed this website with the knowledge that customers from all over the world purchase through the website so a multi currency feature has been integrated on the website allowing prices to show in the selected currency for all products.

All of the previous blog posts have been migrated and applied to the new website blog keeping with the theme and ensuring no information or images were left behind.

Feedback is an important part of the relationship between customer and company, this is why Reviews has been integrated onto the website given the customer the ability to easily leave feedback direct from the website and also by email which is sent after the order has been delivered. 

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