Guide to using ALT-tags

6 November 2015

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever uploaded an image and seen that there was a message saying “Image alt-tag missing” then stared at the alt-tag field, and thought to yourself “So what do ...

Digital Marketing - PPC and SEO specialist

3 November 2015


PPC and SEO specialist £25,000 Permanent Start date: ASAP Based in Leicester – Coalville Job Description We’re looking for an experienced PPC and SEO digital marketing executive to join our ...

Common SEO Misconceptions

3 November 2015

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can sometimes be seen as a dark art, there are lots of techniques that can be seen as bad practices. There is a large amount of ...


29 October 2015

News and Events

As we are a registered Google Partner we had the opportunity to go along to Google's offices in London to present alongside Google to a wide range of companies about ...

Dominate your market with our data validation process!

23 October 2015


Find out how you can improve your marketing by validating your database in an automated way. Simply click the image below to download our step-by-step detailed guide.

10 reasons to use marketing automation

21 October 2015


Marketing automation takes businesses marketing workflows, and streamlines them into an automated process. This is a relatively new trend used by larger companies due to the cost, however there are ...

High volumes of traffic but no conversions? Don’t panic we know where you're going wrong!

20 October 2015


If you are a business who sells online and experiences high volumes of traffic with little or no conversions, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you ...

Are you flying high or falling off the radars?

23 October 2014

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

We have important news about a topic which will definitely have an impact on your website - particularly with the potential of your digital revenue! With the online world going ...

How Important Are Mobiles For Digital Marketing?

6 October 2014


(Picture Courtesy of: Wordpress) In the past 10 years the daily use of mobile phones has increased rapidly. The reason for this, is quite blatantly because mobiles have also improved along ...

FDC Are In Fashion When It Comes To Clients

2 October 2014


Recently the whirlwind of new clients has been explained through our previous two articles; in which our love for animals was shown. However, we never want to stick to just ...

Animal Care Continues To Grow At FDC through Respect for Reptiles

25 September 2014


Recently, FDC has been able to acquire Multipet as a further client. This is perhaps due to the relationship that has been built up with Happypet; the sister company of ...

FDC Are Barking Mad For More Animal Friendly Clients

22 September 2014


We are extremely proud to say we have been working with Happypet for a long time now. During this relationship we have learnt an awful lot about pet-care and what ...

Strength In Numbers – Do It The Ant Way!

18 September 2014


Just for a second imagine that you are a small, fragile ant – going about your daily ant business (whatever that may be). Due to your size you have limited vision – ...

Why Lag Behind? Remain Competitive With Up To Date Web Design

12 September 2014

Web Design

It is possible that you’re doing the absolute best in your industry in terms of both quality and quantity. You might even be acquiring new contracts on a regular ...

Miss A Step And You Could Fall!

11 September 2014


Digital marketing is always changing – this is not only down to new ideas, processes and methods being preached by industry experts but also the sheer speed that new technology is ...

Social Networking’s Flexibility Now Affects Everything, But Is That A Good Thing?

28 August 2014

Social Media

As you may already know, if you’re on a social networking site, specifically Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or others of this ilk; one thing you will notice is that anything ...

We Dare You! Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

28 August 2014


Many of us like to stick to traditional methods; we know they work and therefore this is the best or the only way to do something, why do we need ...

The Ultimate On-Going Battle; Facebook Or Twitter?

26 August 2014

Social Media

As Facebook and Twitter continue to up their game there will always be the debate; which is better? Both sites are undoubtedly very useful and popular for both business and ...

Are We All Marketers Now, Thanks to Social Media?

22 August 2014

Social Media

Social networks throughout the web are now used instinctively in order to ensure more sales, views, or essentially to market something. Whether it be; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, or ...

Are Mannequins Coming To Life?

20 August 2014


A revolutionary new platform in marketing has been created. A small amount of UK retailers have started using digitally integrated mannequins that beam information about the clothes displayed to the ...

It’s Not Always About You And What You Like

18 August 2014


Ensuring you market something the way the target audience may want it rather than the way you may want it may make a huge difference. What you have to remember ...

Striving To Always Improve Our Services!

15 August 2014


Amateurs and pros can both benefit from digital marketing events across the UK. Not only can you discover more about digital marketing without the tedious research but you can also ...

We Do Things The FDC Way

15 August 2014


Digital marketing is so often misunderstood, the misinterpretation of it being identical to any kind of marketing, except on the internet and in a digital form would, admittedly, make sense. ...

Office Manager By Day; Singer With Killer Vocals By Night

14 August 2014


FDC’s own Hannah Garner has a not-so secret double life, moonlighting as a singer in her group ‘The Roulettes’. This consists of three local Ashby ladies, who have killer ...

This Has Been Our Best Month Yet! Surely We Can Kick Back And Relax?

13 August 2014


Your company or even just you for that matter might have had a great few months. You may have been fulfilling all your clients requirements, and at the same time ...