Everyone Loves Music, But Is Everyone a Music-Lover?

23 February 2011


I am fascinated by music taste, music fans and music lovers, and I think that people should embrace what other people listen to. The reason I am saying this is because there is such varied music taste at our FDC office in Leicestershire, and some listeners are more broadminded than others.

The Benefits of Business Apps

15 February 2011


iPhone apps are easy and enjoyable to use - this makes an iPhone app for business even more desirable. The more enjoyment the user receives in using your business app, the better the relationship is with your customers. This can translate into higher sales and revenue.

Website Owners Beware: New Online Regulations from March 1

14 February 2011

Top Tips

Does your company have a website? Do you advertise online? If so then this is relevant to you, because as of March 1 all online marketing communications will be regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Leicester, London, Brighton and America all in one day

10 February 2011


Yesterday was the annual Travel Technology Europe exhibition at Earl's Court, London. This was the first time I have ever been to this sort of corporate event.

Travel Technology Event Part One

7 February 2011


This Wednesday I am off to the Travel Technology Europe Exhibition 2011. It's a really interesting event that offers an insight into the future of travel technology.

Why Don't Apple Products Support Flash?

4 February 2011


When it comes to computers, it is an interesting situation in our office at FDC. All of the staff use either Macs or PCs.  Because of this there is a consistent squabble about which platform is better. The web developers prefer their easily modified PCs, while the designers enjoy their trusty Macs.

Top Tips to Becoming a Top Tweeter

31 January 2011

Top Tips

Are you joining the Twitter revolution? If you are, do you know how to make the most out of it for business and pleasure?

Get App Happy

31 January 2011


Don't be daunted by tech speak, or if you don't have an iPhone - you might have used an app without even knowing it.

British Business: Are We All Going to Sell Out?

27 January 2011


With the current trend of big, predominantly US, corporations bailing out small - often British - recession-hit small businesses, is the future looking a little bleak for the British scene?

New App to Protect Kids Sounds Too Good to be True

25 January 2011


Monday's news on the BBC that a new mobile phone application claims to identify pedophiles sounds great, but it's hard not to think that such technology might give parents a false sense of security.

Revolutionary Road Train

21 January 2011


Since petrol prices went up, has anyone started to feel the pinch? It's about time we began to research new ways to use cars efficiently.

The Rise and Rise of Social Media

20 January 2011

Social Media

The film 'The Social Network' swept the board at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards, illustrating just what an impact social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook now have on modern society.

Wikipedia's Decade Educating the World

19 January 2011


It's gone quickly, but the informative website Wikipedia has been educating us for over ten years now.

FDC's Website Has a Facelift

17 January 2011


>FDC has a brand spanking new look. The Midlands-based agency's freshly revamped website launched last week, unveiling its new-online image while debuting a specialised email marketing division.

A Self-Confessed App Lover

14 January 2011


iPhones have revolutionised mobile phone usage by bringing new technology to our fingertips.

File-Sharing and the Free-for-All Debate

13 January 2011


According to an article on the BBC News website this week (January 11) the anti-fraud firm MarkMonitor examined 'illegal traffic levels on 43 file-sharing sites and found that they generated more than 53 billion visits per year'.

Remember, Looks Are Still Important

11 January 2011


There are many factors to a successful website, but I feel that design is overlooked sometimes these days with all the other important details flying around. Remember, looks are still important.

Good Branding: More Than Just a Pretty Face

10 January 2011


Branding is so integral to a company's success. When a customer first sees your website their first thought usually isn't: "wow that's some great written content". What usually sticks in their minds is the imagery.

Top 10 Tips for a Prosperous 2011

4 January 2011

Top Tips

Have you made your 2011 New Year's resolutions? Want to give up smoking, lose weight, spend more time with family or finally shake off those bad habits and long term debts?

New Year, New Content

4 January 2011


It's the New Year, and after the indulgence of the hedonistic holidays everyone is talking about detoxing and starting anew. So why should your business be any exception? Or more specifically: your company's website content.

Have a Cup of SEO Why Don't You

15 December 2010

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

I use Google every time I need to find information. Any information - from world news to the weather. But before I started my career in copywriting, I never actually knew how Google worked. And I certainly didn't know what 'SEO' stood for. But now I do.

Help Us bring down Internet Explorer 6 - Stand Up for Your Consumer Rights!

15 December 2010


The problem is this: because lots of businesses with multiple users still have it, web designers and e-marketers have no choice but to design to suit its many compatibility issues, but the only ways of doing this are extremely time consuming and more expensive.

What You Should Know Before You Commit to a So-Called Web Development Agency

14 December 2010


Most students will emerge from web design school with varying levels of graphic design flair, but they're not specialists in this highly-complex area. A logo that looks good in Flash animation is unlikely to have the same effect on paper.

How to Meet Hundreds of New Clients...Without Leaving the Office

9 December 2010


There are only so many hours in a day, and there are only so many leads a sales person can follow up. So how can you help them along by getting involved and seeking out leads of your own?

Build it and They Will Come

7 December 2010


Picture this: you've just launched your all-new website and you're proud of the finished result. You've received welcome feedback from family, friends and a few of your clients, and you feel ready to take on the world.