25 January 2017

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Updating Patches for Web Domain Security

Using an ecommerce platform solution or any other content management system to promote and market your products and services online requires constant threat assessment and monitoring to ensure consistent website performance and customer experience. One of the most important ways to achieve this is through patch updates that help can thwart hackers from stealing or corrupting sensitive customer financial details and company data.

In essence, patches are software updates that are released by software developers to enhance the features of their software products to provide a better user experience.

What Does A Software Patch Consist?

Software patches are created by developers to fix programs’ security vulnerabilities. When using e-commerce solutions, such as stock order management and customer payment options, any inconsistency in the program can make an easy target for suspicious third party activities, owing to the ease at malicious programs such as malware and spyware can take control of the program and lead to various problems.

In other cases, updates are designed to counter inconsistencies, bugs, glitches, and other kinds of problems encountered by users. Bugs are often unforeseen errors made by developers that manifest after release. Developers then release patches for users to update to counter these problems.

Why Software Patches Exist?

Updating patches is thus crucial to maintaining your online business performance. All content from management systems, such as WordPress to ecommerce platforms, such as Linnworks and Magento 2 all release downloadable security patch updates to solve bugs and inconsistencies in the program. But why do software developers feel the need to release software patches in the first place? This is because when a program is tested for performance prior to release, developers ensure they it goes through a comprehensive check to identify issues and problems. When no such issues are identified the program is released.

However, when users use the program in real-time, certain problems and inconsistencies emerge, requiring the need for software patches to offer robust performance and smooth user experience. For the purposes of digital marketing, software patches are integral for boosting business reliability and ensuring customers get a seamless experience. This is particularly important, owing to the intense competitive landscape of the e-commerce industry, where a poor website or shopping experience can cause the company to lose customers to their rivals.

Why Updating Patches Is Central To Online Business Performance

Updating patches provides a wide range of benefits for boosting online performance. Whether you seek fluid and responsive web design or robust and comprehensive ecommerce platform solutions, patch updates are necessary for the following benefits.

Avoid Compliance Issues and Business Inconsistencies

Updating patches on a consistent basis can not only help meet compliance requirements, but also prevent any hiccups that you may experience in your online business. Unfortunately, many businesses only resort to patch updates if they have encountered a significant problem with their ecommerce website features or have come across a serious malfunction in their operations or malicious programs that have corrupted or leaked sensitive data.

However, regularly updating patches should be part of effective business practice. The mark of a reputable and credible online retailer or business should be to conform to high standards of practice and quality to effectively interact and meet expectations of all stakeholders.

For example, a company that intends to export products and services to clients from different countries needs to ensure it meets certain SSL certificate requirements, especially for online payment methods to offer secure and reliable means of transactions. However, if there are any inconsistencies or security vulnerabilities in their web design, it could limit and potentially serve as a disaster for their reputation and credibility.

Achieve Seamless Business Operations

Secondly, patch updates can be useful for ensuring business operations run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Handling all activities and decisions in the supply chain using a platform such as Linnworks or Magento should flow without any interruptions or complications. If you do not update patches regularly or only do so as needed, you may not be able to reap the full benefits of your ecommerce solutions and experience difficulties in providing customers with excellent customer service.

This also applies in the case of content management systems such as WordPress. You may come across excessive redirects from the website, have trouble uploading images or videos, or miss scheduled posts for social media updates.

Provides Long-Term Software Security Protection

It is also worth noting that firms are placing more emphasis on IT security and software security than ever before. With risks pertaining to leaked customer accounts and strategic information pertaining to the company, ecommerce websites need to take greater caution in ensuring their web domain security is on high alert. The practice of updating patches should be approached as a long-term investment by ensuring all programs are using the latest versions.

Importance of Seeking Professional Services

Given the risks associated with irregular patch updates, it is essential to seek the expertise of experienced and trained service providers who can provide patch updates and smooth secure web design services to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Many owners think that investing a large sum of money in web design and features to kick start their online business is sufficient to their online business success. However, that is certainly not the case. Rather, constant web domain support and maintenance are required to ensure your online business features, tools, and integrations work as required.

This is why it is crucial to seek maintenance and support packages that are designed to oversee all aspect of your ecommerce website and web design activities to bolster your digital marketing goals and activities. Among the various activities that you can expect include index management, technical support, consistent data backup support, security patch updates, site updates, and more.

Effective security of your website domain needs expertise and professional management. FDC Studio can help you meet these requirements. We are a UK-based company specialising in a range of digital marketing services from professional web design and eCommerce solutions to strategic web support and maintenance services.

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