10 February 2017

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Why Your Web Design Needs To Have CRM Integration

For your online business, it is very important for you to make use of fluid and responsive web design that can offer your customer a smooth and convenient navigation experience. This has the potential of diverting more traffic to your website, whereby you can acquire more customers and achieve high conversion rates. However, it is also crucial for your website to be designed in manner that integrates and utilises customer relationship management (CRM) software to fulfill essential business requirements.

Having CRM integration in your web design can help you develop a closer and meaningful relationship with your customers. The software can provide you a substantial competitive and marketing edge in being up-to- date with customer likes, dislikes, and preferences that you can utilise to refocus your marketing efforts to target them with higher accuracy and potential for sales.

Advantages of Using CRM Integration

Web design that is integrated with CRM software can help you achieve the following advantages.

Optimise marketing efforts

With CRM integration, you can witness a tremendous boost in your marketing efforts and activities that can help you better target your core audience and customers. CRM analytics can help identify your most profitable and frequent customers, what products and services they buy, how much time they spend on a specific web page, and how much do their transactions cost on a period basis. Making use of business intelligence in this way can allow you to tap into different customer segments and deliver marketing on a more personalised and relevant basis.

Have better access to updated data

CRM software integration can provide you all essential and updated data at your fingertips. You will no longer need to think twice about sending supply orders to your suppliers and spend time digging through financial and marketing data. In an increasingly information conscious world, having accurate and reliable data within an arm’s reach is a major asset, resulting in confident business interactions with customers and suppliers.

Furthermore, CRM analytics data can help you have a single source of data for each customer that can improve customer profiling and assessment for segmentation and marketing purposes. This helps eliminate the need for verifying details from multiple sources as CRM consolidates all information in a single accessible data point.

Reduce overheads

A website that does not have CRM integration will mean that you will have to spend higher costs in purchasing a separate CRM system or spend time trying exporting from your website and importing it into your CRM system. This will inevitably lead to high administration overhead expenses, in addition to making it very time consuming.

Through CRM integration, you can perform business functions more smoothly and also benefit from higher efficiency that can minimise overhead expenses. Employees no longer need to copy and paste data from the website and paste it onto your CRM system. The resulting productivity provides staff to work on more important tasks.

Improve customer service

CRM also can improve customer service by enhancing query response time. Whenever a customer asks for a price quote or information related to a product or service, the CRM can be configured to direct the customer automatically to the appropriate staff member. When this happens, the CRM can notify the staff member and prompt them to respond to customers quickly.

The effect of improved customer service and response time will most likely lead to higher sales and competitive edge over rivals. Customer churn is also reduced due to efficient and consistent follow up leading to better retention of customers.

Platforms That Offer CRM Software Integration

There is a number of website design platforms that come equipped with CRM software integration. WordPress and ZoHo, for example, are among the most trusted and reliable content management systems featuring CRM functionality that can help you boost sales and ease your customer acquisition and retention efforts.


WordPress has long been used as a content management system for bloggers, as well as for businesses. Its sleek and professional user interface makes it an exceptional candidate for using CRM integration when designing websites. This has a wide range of benefits and, best of all; it is extremely cost-effective due to its wide range of plugins. WordPress’ CRM plugins integration can be used for generating leads, creating contacts and customer profiles, importing and exporting data, and performing data backups. It can also provide fulfill marketing objectives through email integration, social media campaign integration, and provide analytics features, such as trends reporting, and sales pipeline reports.

When using WordPress, search from various CRM plugins and add one that best suits your interests. Some of the best CRM plugins that you can add to your web design are WP-CRM, WordPress Leads, WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager, and Presspoint CRM.


Another platform that you can use is Zoho. This cloud-based application suite offers various add-ons and apps for boosting business efficiency and collaboration, one of which is CRM. Zoho CRM can support a range of apps including Shopify, Zillow, Leads Locator, Google Apps for Work, Plivo, Kanban Board, ServiceNow, and Google Analytics.

Zoho CRM also features mobile support. This means that you can answer customer queries and find customer profile updates on the go and monitor results where you go and work.


Having CRM integration in web design can help advance your business goals and customer relationship management activities in a positive and efficient way. It can offer you a competitive edge and enable you to dictate the terms of the market in your favor. Platforms, such as WordPress and Zoho, offer convenient CRM integration for high productivity and lower costs. By using any of these platforms, you can attain a major lead in the competition.

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Why Your Web Design Needs To Have  CRM Integration


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