1 March 2016

Web Design

What Makes Web Design Great?

Most of us know what web design is but not a lot of us know what the proper way to design a website is. If you want to find out, simply keep on reading!

Web design is a long process that is only ever perfected with trial and error and communication. It is something that can be done right quickly if you have experts at hand, but the process that different web design agencies follow is different, and, although I hate to say it, most of these processes are wrong.

You may be thinking to yourself at this point that website design is a creative process so how can there be a right or wrong, surely it is down to preference?

But this is exactly what the process involves that a lot of other agencies don’t capture that we do – preference.
By this, I don’t mean just doing whatever the client wants even if it compromises Search Engine crawling. What I mean is taking the client into account. You see, the process of designing a website is actually very exciting because it is personal to you. This is the stage at which you can really get your creative hat on and think about what you, as the business owner want the online face of your business to say.

A lot of agencies these days take the personalization out of web design and think too much about the Search Engine and the user. We at FDC make sure that we make your websites user and Search Engine friendly, by integrating your requests into the site.

FDC are a website design and digital marketing agency that understand every business is different. So, we may have worked with florist businesses before, for example, but if you are also a florist we will never use the same approach. Everything about the way the website looks and the features it has will be tailored to you and, although some of the elements may be the same because we know what works, the whole look and feel of your site, the actual layout and functionality can be made specific to your requirements.

So, for a bespoke website, have a chat with a web design agency that goes that extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you want and book a consultation with us today.

What Makes Web Design Great?


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