18 March 2016

Web Design

Web Design Tips and Tricks

Web design – it’s pretty complicated stuff. But having someone there to help you discern what you need to do can make things significantly easier. FDC are experts in all things digital – whether it’s e-Commerce web design, digital marketing or SEO, we are one agency that have all the knowhow and outlined below are just a few of the things we do in order to ensure that your website is designed to appeal to the target audience.

Find out where your website fits in

One of the most important things you can do for your site is find out what keywords are being searched. FDC do this for you as part of something we like to call an SEO Basepackage. We take all possible keywords from a huge range of the products or services you sell, check how often they are searched and then provide content for you with keywords based on our research. Where can you get service like that?!

So, content production is the only context in which it is not only OK, but ideal that you hit the traffic.

Be straight to the point

There is really no point beating around the bush. If you want to say something, say it shortly and sweetly. The same principles apply when writing content for your webpages.

As important as the aesthetics of your website is, there needs to be a balance, as a visually brilliant website is just the beginning. The quality of your webpage content is key and you can ensure you are on the right lines by making sure you have the correct keywords and that the content is relevant and succinct.

What users really want is actually great content. Combine that with a great web design, and you are well on your way to yielding great results.

With all this in mind, it looks like being beautiful on the inside and outside is a principle that is relevant to both the real and digital world.

Be the answer people are looking for

If you want to be ranked highly, think about the user first. At the end of the day, web design shouldn’t be about taking a stab in the dark.

What you really need to think about, is if you are giving the user an answer to a question they may have. For example, “Where can I find cheap paper plates?” or “where can I find cleaners in Nottingham?”

Make sure you construct your website as an answer to these questions. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes appears to be another one of life’s lessons that have proven to be useful – at least digitally.

Upload Original Content

Part of SEO is making sure you upload fresh content on a regular basis. A lot of web design agencies don’t provide blog and article writing services, but we do! In fact, we believe that this element of SEO is sometimes underplayed, and can have a much larger role to play than you might think.

In fact, we can also write the content for additional pages you may wish to add on your website at a later date as landing pages.

Being original rather than being a sheep is advice you’d do well to listen to!

Linking is very important

You might think that as long as all the links function as they should on the webpage, everything Is dandy – but that’s not the case. Building links behind the scenes with all the pages is essential in ensuring that Google can crawl the website better. Plus, adding a sitemap is a great way of being Google friendly and great links need to be built in order to have a sitemap on the website anyway.

Linking is also important in another capacity. For instance, if you are linking to external sites in your blogs or articles, you want to make sure that the websites you are linking to have a good reputation with Google. There’s no real way of testing this apart from seeing where the website ranks and what kind of things that website does for itself.

So there you go – making friends is a skill you can take with you for web design, too.

Although there is a lot more to good website design than just the above, doing these 5 things are probably some of the most important, yet overlooked strategies that, if implemented has the potential to distinguish you from your competitors.

If you would like to employ a fantastic webs design agency with nearly a decade’s worth of experience why not check out FDC? We offer a free consultation to anyone thinking about getting a new website or revamping their current one.

Web Design Tips and Tricks


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