7 March 2016

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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

FDC are a web design agency in Leicester that provide web design and Digital Marketing services to companies with a huge variety of expertise. Some of these Leicester–based clients that we have worked with are Dina International and Greyson’s Furniture.

The reason we place such an emphasis on web design is because we understand how critical it is to SEO and, ultimately, how your website performs on Google. After all, the main aim of having a website is to ensure that you are increasing your revenue.

So, what are the mistakes you should avoid when you are thinking about website design and why?

Speed of Sloth

If your website is taking absolutely ages to load not only is this annoying for the user, but it could indicate that there is something else very wrong with the way your website was built. Although a slow loading speed can also be down to internet, you will undoubtedly be able to tell the difference between deficits in loading speed due to poor internet connection and that due to a poor website.

It is a proven statistic that the time taken for your webpage to load is inversely proportional to the bounce rate. The bounce rate is defined as the number of users (out of the total number of users) that click on your website and then immediately click off without even giving it a second glance. The higher the bounce rate, the more likely you are to be ranked badly by Google, thus undermining all of the other efforts (and probably money) you have been putting into making sure your website stays at the top.

User friendliness is something that Google takes seriously – in fact, it is probably something Google rates as most important so putting them first is the best thing you can do when it comes to thinking about your website design.

Java Palaver

Although some of the java powered programmes can look great sometimes, the way it is encrypted in your website means Google is unable to crawl that region of your website. So, if you have documents containing keywords related to your business appearing through the utilization of Java, this is probably not a good idea and can most of the time do more harm than good when it comes to SEO. Therefore if your web design agency is recommending that you use Java, this is a big sign that they won’t carry out web design optimized for SEO -so recognize the signs before you commit to them!

Naked Pictures

What I mean by naked images is not what you’re probably thinking.

A naked image is in fact something I like to refer to when talking about images without any Alt text. A lot of web design agencies forget that Google cannot crawl images like humans can. Google needs words to process things and therefore providing a bit of text explaining the main elements of an image can make a huge difference in Google’s ability to crawl your website and therefore rank your website highly. This is especially important with E-Commerce web design, as the pictures of the products you are selling are an integral part of your site and can make or break online sales for you.

Too many pictures

If you have text with keywords in it, we strongly advise against producing the text as images or other design elements. This falls in the line with the same issue – Google is not a human and cannot see pictures in the same way we can. If you have strategic text that’s got a great amount of keyword saturation and you’re putting this into an image, you are missing out on fantastic crawl and ranking potentials. Just don’t do it. Keep to text as much as you can and balance with images with Alt text.

Ugly errors

If you have a 404 error page that isn’t designed as well as the rest of your website, this could be bad news. With a proper design and an alternative way to give users other options because they haven’t quite managed to find what they were looking for, a good-looking efficient error page never goes amiss. Having a 404 page that is not designed well can also impact SEO in that the Search Engine can crawl them as broken links. So make sure you amalgamate the 404 page with your home page so you can be more user and search engine friendly. 

Broken compass

I already mentioned that Google prioritizes optimized user experience over everything else. Having poor navigation is something that is undermined when it comes to web design, but a great navigation system is pivotal to not only enhance user experience but also to ensure Google can crawl your pages in an orderly manner, again affecting the rankings of your website.

If your website has poor navigational links, you need a new web design agency. Whether you are based in Leicestershire or not, FDC can help find and execute solutions to whatever problems you have.

Mobile optimization

Having a site that is also optimized for mobile phones is becoming more and more important these days. The reason?

People spend more than half their time on their mobile phones. Out of all searches performed within that time, nearly 80% were converted into sales.

What does this mean? Well, if you make sure your website is mobile friendly, you could be increasing your revenue by a massive amount and isn’t that the purpose of going online on the first place?

So, make sure you don’t miss out on all of that sales potential and ensure that your website is best friends with mobile phones.

So, with all of this being said, how many of the criteria above can your website tick? For more information about any of the above web design techniques, please contact FDC. Alternatively, you can view our portfolio here.

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


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