1 March 2016

Web Design

Web Design for Leicester-based business Dustraction by FDC

Dustraction Ltd is a business in Leicester that provides solutions for various dust extraction problems. The Dustraction engineers design many of the Dust Extraction systems themselves and, with installation and aftercare services also available, it is not wonder that their state-of-the-art dust extraction systems are being fitted for industrial clients and schools and colleges alike.

FDC provided their website design services to Dustraction in order to create a site that was easy to navigate, designed according to the company itself and optimized for the best lead generation. To check out their website, you can click here.

During the process, we talked to the client specifically about their needs – in an ideal world, what did they want first from their business and then from their website aesthetically. This didn’t require them knowing the ins and outs of everything about web design, or anything about website design at all. It was all simple and fuss free.

Part of the ongoing process was also being able to communicate effectively at all times.

We used communication portals to ensure we were constantly in touch with them, just like with all of our clients. We find this really helps involve the clients in all aspects of the web design process – from content production to the aesthetic and technical elements. We simply ask what you want, and do all the technical processes to ensure this is delivered.

When the website became live, the hard work didn’t stop, as we created something we like to call an SEO Basepackage. Depending on your package, we could create one for you, too. This has everything you need for all technical SEO aspects. It identifies any errors with your website so we can fix them immediately, and also highlights any other work that we may need to carry out as soon as possible.

With the really difficult bit having passed, Dustraction’s Steve Matuska was then trained on how best to operate the website behind the scenes. This included full training on any and all aspects he wanted to be better informed about.

FDC now currently provide Dustraction with blog and article content every week in order to aid their SEO. This ensures a seamless and continuous web design and optimization service, with integrated support available whenever you need it from our experts.

The best thing is that FDC don’t just provide website design services to businesses in Leicester. We have offices in London and Birmingham, and extend our services UK-wide. So, if you’re looking for a Leicester-based web design Agency that has all the know-how and friendliness you need and more, book a consultation now and see how we can tailor our services to your business!

Web Design for Leicester-based business Dustraction by FDC


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