29 February 2016

Web Design

The Vital Importance of Dynamic and Responsive Web Design for Your Business

We were told as children to never judge a book by its cover.

Would they have still lied to us if they knew just how much things were about to change?

Nowadays, the way in which the online window to your business looks to potential users is vital. In a marketing landscape saturated with businesses all fighting to be heard amongst the noise, how your business appears and functions is of the utmost importance.

The design of your website determines how your business is received by a potential audience and ultimately decides whether or not your business succeeds as a result.

Take this example - which website would you rather spend your time browsing? A brightly-coloured, dynamic and responsive website that is easy to navigate or a bare, poorly-designed and poorly-functioning user interface where you can’t find the link that you need?

Why You Need Dynamic and Responsive Web Design

  • Beat the competition - your website is constantly being matched up and compared with your competition. If their design is more attractive and fluid to the user, your business is at risk of losing a potential customer to your biggest competitor.

  • Quality - the way in which your site appears reflects the quality of your product or service. The success of your product or service is heavily affected by how users see and interact with your business online.

  • Attract attention - the Internet is used heavily nowadays for the quick and effortless retrieval of information. The average website visitor spends around 7 seconds on your website so businesses need a way to attract and retain potential buyers of your product or service in a very short time.

In addition to a dynamic and engaging web design that communicates clearly, you also need design which is responsive and consistent across all devices. The growth of new technologies has had a drastic effect on how users view content. With many users searching for information on a smartphone or tablet, your web user interface needs to look just as impressive on these devices as on a desktop.

There is an enormous amount of businesses which do not know how to design online content so utilise the services of experts who can aid in this process, delivering clear layouts and dynamic, responsive designs for businesses online.

Based in the Leicestershire area, FDC Studio are talented leading industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience. This team of Leicester based web design experts help businesses reach their goal of delivering a stylish and engaging web design, built for the purpose of attracting and converting potential buyers into loyal customers.

Read more information about what FDC can do for your business on the web design and ecommerce sections of the FDC Studio website.

The Vital Importance of Dynamic and Responsive Web Design for Your Business


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