11 March 2016

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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

Google Analytics is free to use and easy to set up. But this tool is also somewhat underestimated by some.

Analytics holds an enormous mass of power in its potential application. By using the Analytics tool alone without using the information that it outputs to further develop your website, you are missing out on the great benefits that can be reaped from using the tool.

The information that Google Analytics collects from websites exerts large amounts of information which can be used to improve and develop your site’s interface and UX.


The Analytics tool can be used to analyse how many of your site’s visitors are using a particular device, for example a desktop, mobile or tablet. It can be further seen which mobile devices your site’s visitors are using to access your site.

A deeper analysis could be undertaken to see how long visitors spend browsing your site in addition to how many visitors leave the site without further exploring the site’s content and which devices they are doing this on.

However, gaining access to this information alone without acting upon it would not improve the way in which users receive your content and interact with your website. By analysing the data that has been collected from your website traffic, making amends to your website or implementing future features can be predicted more accurately.

For example, by knowing which devices and operating system your site visitors are using and seeing how your site performs on these devices, you can ensure that your UI design is responsive across all devices and supported by all operating systems.

Read more on the FDC website about how we can help you create a fully responsive web design that is seamless across different devices and screen sizes.


By studying and learning more about your site’s audience and parameters such as age, gender, location and interests, you can make adjustments to your site and display more relevant content to people who visit your site to improve your bounce rate and increase the chance of creating conversions.

Site Speed

Analytics has the capability of measuring how long pages on your website are taking to load. By gaining information about how long your pages are taking to load, in addition to how your pages are performing on certain browsers, you can see areas where your pages may need to be modified in order to decrease loading times and lower bounce rates.

Google also offer Speed Suggestions which are helpful tips tailored to optimise the speed and performance of your site. These suggestions can be viewed and the suggested changes can be made to achieve faster page loading times.


Analytics allows you to see how all of your site’s pages are performing and received by users, in addition to being able to examine what terms users are searching for on your site, it is possible for you to structure your site’s content around the subjects that your audience wants to see, leading to an increase in interest from users and a decrease in bounce rate.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool with huge potential for application. By using the Analytics tool in conjunction with an eye for predicting what content your users want to see and on which devices, you can mould your business’ website around the interests of your potential customers, your site visitors.

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Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website


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