6 August 2014

Web Design

Ugly Websites Should Be Like Pokemon, Left In The 90’s!

The 90’s was a magical time, filled with manufactured pop music, questionable Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and more importantly, bold technological advances that saw the rise of the internet. Suddenly, everyone was online, compelled by how useful and easy (minus the annoying dial up tones and being cut off by your mother on the other line) it had made various aspects of life. The possibilities were endless.

This exposure to the public meant that businesses had no choice but to up their game. It was no longer acceptable to rely on using solely the traditional marketing tools; their competitors were going online and sweeping up all the potential customers. This pressure forced these businesses to move on with the digital ages, creating a site in the hopes to drive customers to buy their service/product. These early sites were very flat, one dimensional, had minimal (if any) graphics and were in fact rather ugly (like the Space Jam Movie website from 1996, it hasn’t changed since then!)

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros)

The Harsh Truth

However, times have changed, people judge your business by how professional and smooth the overall experience is. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, turning our nose up at a site because it has a dodgy layout, Times New Roman font and the links do not work! It is time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. As much as some like to think their website is perfect the way it is, even if it is bland and unappealing, there is a level of rationalising; we turn a blind eye to the real problem. This is so very dangerous for a business, because it can potentially stop any hard work and efforts in digital marketing in its tracks, because of the quick judgement made by the consumer, regardless of how good a product is. SEOs, website hits and sales do not lie.

Plan Of Action

First step is to identify what is working with your website and what’s not; so therefore needs tweaking. Second step is knowing how to go about this. A good start it to look at what everyone else is doing, that being your main competitors and maybe businesses you strive to be as successful as. You could even ask for an opinion from customers who have used your site before, or potential customers who are more likely to be brutally honest, which is what you need to make some progress. No more wool over the eyes. If your CEO or manager is not convinced by the data from the survey pointing out the flaws in your site, it could be beneficial to ask industry experts, influencers, marketing bloggers and other awareness experts.

Here at FDC

If you did fancy giving your website a much needed face lift, but not sure on how, we can help.

We have built, developed and designed over 170 websites for our clients; all with unique requirements. Our experienced teams of in-house designers are able to apply their creative knowledge and proven skill set to a whole host of sectors. We are able to productively convert your ideas and goals to create a website from scratch. With your project left safely in our hands, a vision is formed, communicated, and fulfilled.

We are Leicester based experts in web design with over 60 years combined experience in the industry. All of our websites are bespoke and designed from scratch; we believe this is one of the reasons why we were recently admitted to the Recommended Agency Register, whilst also being listed at #66 in The Drum's Design 100 for 2013, moving up from our previous placement at #71 in 2012.

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