7 March 2016

Web Design

Resizer: Google’s stance in web design standard practice

It has become the unspoken rule among the web design world that Google sets the standard practice where technology and design are concerned. In terms of formats and dimensions, Google’s rules seem to be the most recognised, especially within the web design and developer community.

Google’s time-saving solution for designers and developers, Resizer, recognises the need for a flexible, dynamic and interactive way to examine and test responsively designed user interfaces. It is clear that Google understands that more and more people are visiting online content across a variety of different devices and the need for fully responsive web design is now somewhat a requirement for businesses to make sure their content looks seamlessly impressive across all screens.

Google claims the emulating tool will enable designers and developers to test different patterns in responsive UI design and uniquely craft a responsive web design solution that works in conjunction with their specific needs seamlessly across all devices.

Designers or developers can now examine and test the responsiveness of a website by entering any URL at the top of the simulation tool and see how their site reacts on different device sizes and resolutions, following its Material Design guidelines.

Along with the tool, Google has also provided examples to display how some designers have achieved a responsive user interface which works seamlessly across all device screen sizes and resolutions.

By studying these examples, web designers and developers can better understand the various strategies that can be used when achieving responsive web design across devices and after examining the examples, designers will be able to see how elements on a page are revealed, transformed, expanded, reflowed and divided.

FDC Studio understands the need for fully responsive web design in this evolving technological landscape. Our web design services will help you build a responsive website that is seamless and great-looking across all device sizes and resolutions.

Resizer: Google’s stance in web design standard practice


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