14 March 2016

Web Design

Quality over Quantity

Ever heard that saying “quality over quantity”? I’d be surprised if you haven’t. It’s an age old, infamous saying and it applies to more than just everyday life – it also applied to web design.

One really important thing to remember about web design is that no matter what aspect of web design we are talking about, there are a lot of everyday life skills that are applicable to it and, although you need to have the technical know-how to be able to put a website together and do so really well, there are certain principles that you can take with you.

Attention to detail has never been more important when it comes to web design and therefore the quality of whatever you are producing is vital. So, whether this is ensuring that you have excellent web links or are producing quality content, it’s applicable to all aspects.

Building the website

There is way more to a website than just building links, however let’s focus on that for a moment. There is no point having loads of links that are in a disorganized mess, unlinked or incorrectly linked and basically just chaotic links that add no value whatsoever to your site and can actually harm your rankings significantly.

So, in terms of building the website, it is better the make sure it is built slowly, adding links gradually as you discover news sections you would like to add, rather than all at once in a mess. So here, the focus needs to be on quality and not quantity.

Content production

Content production can range from anything to writing the webpage texts to writing blogs and articles. The main thing to note here is that the content you produce needs to be keyword rich (not so much keyword dense) and, in the case of webpage text, needs to accurately reflect whatever message you are trying to convey.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to webpage text, less is definitely more. You don’t want your users to visit a page on your website and have reams of useless text to read. Keep it succinct and relevant and the rest will follow.

Blog and article content can be as long or short as you like, as long as the length is comfortable to read, and there isn’t really a limit per se as to how many blogs you can upload per day. However, quality is still more important than quantity regarding this aspect of SEO, as again you want to make sure that the content is something users will enjoy reading, and that for SEO purposes, you have the correct density and relevant keywords.

If you would like more information on any of the above, or anything else regarding web design, don’t hesitate to contact FDC – we will be more than happy to help!

Quality over Quantity


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