2 March 2016

Web Design

Predicting Web Design Trends in 2016

As a company specialising in web design services, we here at FDC Studio have to stay on top of the fashion rules of the web user interface world. In building personalised and unique websites for our clients, the web design talents at FDC Studio also like to see which trends are running through popular websites and web applications.

Over the course of the internet’s lifespan, several stylistic changes in web design have been made to the way users both view and interact with a web interface.


Possibly the most consistently used web design style trend in modern times is the flat and simple-but-effective user interface, as exhibited and bought into largely by huge organisations such as Apple. The minimalist view serves both as a style which has arisen to serve advances in visual simplicity, as well as function.

  • The use of simple typography (often sans-serif), matched with a fresh and uncluttered user interface allows websites to convey clear and concise information to the reader.

  • A limited colour scheme allows users to focus purely on site content instead of being distracted by a tide of numerous contrasting colours. Several companies make the use of just 2-3 colours as part of their design scheme, with many using a simple white background.

Responsive Design

The rise of mobile devices with access to the Internet, in addition to new search engine algorithms has caused for responsive design to become more of a web designing standard than a style trend. However, as time goes on, many websites are creating responsive design in addition to a minimalist style to create the ultimate simple and clean user experience.

The FDC Studio team are experts in helping our clients achieve fully-responsive web designs which will both impress and engage your audience.

Long Scroll

Several new websites have emerged using the long scroll format for their websites, a standard that has presumably arisen and became popular from smartphone browsing. Several businesses have designed their websites in this way in order to take their users through a chronological journey of their website and also make use of broken sections in order to maintain some structure of the standard format.


Going hand-in-hand with minimalistic design, simple loading and hover animations have been utilised by many websites in order to keep the user visually stimulated whilst browsing or when waiting for content to load.

Card layouts

Popularised by visually-fuelled websites such as Pinterest, the card layout web design scheme is a simple and visually stimulating boxed style trend which is here to stay. The minimalist feel of this design trend allows users to choose the content they want to see by making judgements based on the simple design they see.

At FDC Studio, we take the most fresh style trends into account when designing your website. However, although we like to keep up with the most cutting edge trends in web design, we also like to use our diverse knowledge in order to learn how we can perfectly match a unique design with the our client’s values.

We understand that every business is different and strive to give your site visitors a personalised user experience as they navigate through your website.

FDC Studio are a Google Partner based in Leicester. We also offer ecommerce services for your online business needs, allowing you to market your products and generate sales with full flexibility.

We also offer digital marketing services, which will enable you to market your products and services online, in addition to optimising your content for search engine rankings.

Predicting Web Design Trends in 2016


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