16 March 2016

Web Design

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: How Alt Tags Can Help When a Picture Can't

One of the most vital aspects of your website design is the images that you utilize and this is especially true if you have or want an E-Commerce website.

One of the great things about going shopping in the “real world” is that you can actually see what you are going to buy, which means you know exactly what you are getting with the product. How do e-Commerce businesses compete with that?

The only way to increase the revenue through your website is to ensure you are providing users with clear cut images. A lot of the bigger companies are even offering a 360 degree view of the product, in order to project a more accurate image of the product online, meaning users can see the product as if it is actually live.

However, if you don’t have the budget for that, you need to at least ensure that your product images have a zoom facility, enabling users to see everything clearly. In fact, this has another benefit, which is that your potential customers will trust you more as an organization and therefore will be more likely to purchase something from your website.

The key is to get the customer buying just once. If it is a product that can be purchased recurrently, or there are other products they may need, if your products are great quality, they will speak for themselves and customers will keep coming back, which is really the whole aim of the game.

One of the greatest elements of web design is ensuring that the loading speed of the web pages and, of course, the images is fast enough that they don’t get bored or decide that they want to visit a better quality website.

However, if there are issues with internet loading speeds or the website, you want to make sure users can still see an image, even if the image doesn’t load. This is where Alt tags come in.

Optimizing images through alt tags in essence just means that you are describing or tagging the image with words. These words need to shortly but accurately describe what the picture is saying and is very important.

If we are talking about images of actual products on an e-Commerce site, the chances are that the browser won’t buy anything by just seeing the alt tag. However it is the effort that counts and it is more than likely that they may come back when the issue has been resolved.

However, Alt tags are even more important for images that may not be selling anything, but just displaying your services or products for people to see, as it gives users, and, of course, Google, more information on what is supposed to be there. In fact, Google does not see or read images as humans do, and so it is imperative that you use Alt tags, as they can count towards keywords on your webpage.

If someone is using that image as a link, moreover, alt text is even more important, as again, it gives Google more of an idea on what exactly that person is linking the anchor text to.

The best things you can do when you are thinking of using images for your website is to use easily and commonly supported files e.g JPEG files.

In addition, having an image sitemap is a easier way for Google to crawl your images in a more structure way. Our in-house web designer at FDC Leicester is an expert in all things web design.

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words: How Alt Tags Can Help When a Picture Can't


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