17 March 2016

Web Design

Mobile Internet – Internet that goes everywhere with people

This is the 21st Century. And this doesn’t just mean that we have mobile phones and the internet. It means we use our mobile phones to browse the internet every. Single. Day.

Let’s think about this for a second - just a few years ago, the primarily used browsing device was the laptop. It was the new thing that everyone had and so websites were built to be optimized for use on the laptop – after all, this was just the same as using the internet on a computer or PC.

These days, though 63% of people use their mobile phones to browse the internet daily. This is the majority of people. With mobile phones being easy, convenient and portable, online shopping has never been easier or quicker than now, with mobile phones.

Now think about this – if you are not optimizing your website for mobile phones, you are immediately cutting out 63% of browsers from seeing the true and best version of your website. And, let’s face it, if a user is going on their phones to browse the internet, they want everything to be quick and easy so they are not going to waste time faffing around with how to use your website when there are plenty of others that are already optimised.

Being ahead of the game with mobile optimization is just not an option anymore. Instead, if you are only just building a website that is optimized for mobile use, you are simply just keeping up.

Web design to ensure you site is mobile friendly is something that an experience web designer would find feasable. However, it does require a lot of work, as the dimensions of a phone are reasonable different from that of a computer screen!

You can book a free consultation with FDC and find out how we can help optimize your website for mobile users. And while you are there, why not visit FDC’s portfolio to see the web design work we have done for our existing clients?

Mobile Internet – Internet that goes everywhere with people


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