4 March 2016

Web Design

Minimal, Clean and Simple: futuristic web design

Minimalism is in with no signs of going anywhere. We live in the age where brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds set the standard for future design trends. Cleaner user interfaces and simplified user experience is all the rage with as shown by the success of the aforementioned companies’ proven track records.

The minimalist web design trend is all about negative space, symmetry, sharp typography and simplified navigation. The popularity of this style trend among global corporations has diversified and moved across to smaller online businesses who realise and understand the benefits of this new Internet standard.

For example, take Apple’s homepage - a dark grey and white colour scheme featuring small colour-splashings of blue amongst its largely white-spaced design scheme.

Centred and symmetrical, the website blends subtle lashings of boldness with the simplified colour scheme through sharp and colourful imagery. The website’s white typography is soft and simple set against the site’s minimally dark navbar, allowing it to stand out independently from the rest of the page.

Another great example of a beautifully minimalistic web design is the Bulgari website, which connotes ideas of high fashion and royalty through colourful and gold high-resolution images.

Set against a black and white colour scheme, the Bulgari front page is sparse and visually pleasing, only displaying vital front page content to make room for the stimulating and attractive elements of the page, such as the striking Bulgari logo, navigation typography and sharp images.

It seems as though websites in 2016 are buying into the futuristic, simplified view of websites, popularised by the boom in responsive designs to cater for device viewing. Minimalism is not just the art of the omission of elements but rather the impressiveness of the extremely few elements at your fingertips.

FDC Studio are Leicester-based specialists in keeping up to date with the most cutting edge web design concepts. We deliver a high-quality service for our clients, many of which are based in the Leicestershire area.

Our experienced teams of in-house designers are able to apply their creative knowledge and vast skill set to a whole host of sectors. FDC Studio productively convert your ideas and goals to create a website from scratch. We know what makes a website effective, innovative and user-friendly.

In addition to web design, FDC Studio also offer ecommerce and online digital marketing services.

Minimal, Clean and Simple: futuristic web design


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