15 March 2016

Web Design

Making Content and Design Work in Harmony

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Here at FDC Studio, we understand that a good website that actively engages users pays dues to a number of elements which all have to flexibly interact and work together.

The new way of web design has dictated that content and design should no longer be classed as different breeds. Content and design need to be collectively considered when creating a website, especially for businesses which aim to sell their products and services online.

Many designers separate these two features of a website’s design.

But why?

When users are browsing and interacting with a website, they do not consume content and design as separate entities. Users take into account the whole picture when making subconscious decisions about good or bad web design. Because of this, designers also need to follow suit and take into account how design and content is communicated to users as a whole.

Web design, despite becoming minimal in style, has become complex in production. Engaging and SEO friendly content needs to be strategised with user experience in mind. This is where the design part comes in. A great design will lead to users wanting to read the great content on the website and vice versa.

Content and design needs to collaborate and flow effectively to engage and maintain the interest of users.

So go forth and design a website with content and design in mind to effectively engage and maintain the interest of your website visitors. One cannot survive without the other. Collaborate your content and design strategies and ensure that these two once-separated elements effectively interact and flow together.

FDC Studio, based in Leicester, are experts in web design for businesses and digital marketing. Our aim is to help businesses achieve their full potential online.

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