18 April 2016

Web Design

The Impact of Social Media on Web Design Part 1

Social Media is the new norm for marketing. It’s everywhere and it is affecting the way in which marketers advertise and sell their products and ultimately how their website looks.

We all know by now, that every business needs to have a social media strategy in place if they want to succeed, especially as the world of internet has been significantly impacted by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and so forth. However, one area people are not so familiar with, is how social media has an impact on web design.

The impact on Web Design

So what does this mean? Almost every business has a presence on social media platforms, atleast one anyway. The best way to inform customers of this is through the homepage of your website. For that reason, web designers today ensure when they are creating websites they include the icons of the different social media sites the company has a presence on. So that visitors can click on these icons and be directed to the social media page of that company.

The use of icons is integral to show which social networking sites a company is on. All in all, it is important to make sure the links are working and your social media pages are active, and contains important information to help visitors in order for your strategy to work.

Did you know you can customise your social media page?

As social media platforms are becoming extremely interactive, it is important to ensure that your brand image is relayed across everything that is related to your business. For example, Facebook fan pages can be designed to match your business, allowing you to match your social media page with your web design. This is also the same for Twitter. This allows consistency when promoting your business, grabbing the attention of your viewers with immediate effect.

Social Ads

Social media advertising is a real, tangible driver of leads and sales, and thus marketers are increasing their social spend across the board. More and more people are singing up to social media sites each and everyday, so why wouldn’t you take advantage?

As the popularity is increasing, the main focus is creating that perfect design for the ads. The more impressive your ad is the more likely you are to gain more clicks or increase effectiveness. The design of the ad ultimately affects the number of leads you receive, and subsequently the revenue earned.

Also, don’t forget to have smartphones in mind when designing your ads! This means optimising the messages so they are viewable on small screens!

Hopefully this blog gives you a better understanding of the importance of web design and social media and how they integrate with each other. This blog will be followed up with a part 2, which will gives you tips on how to add social media to your web design. So check back soon.

In the meantime, if you are interested in updating your current website for a fresh look and to ensure you have the latest social media icons present on your web design, give us a call today for a friendly chat to see what FDC Studio can do for you. Find out what we cover in web design!

The Impact of Social Media on Web Design Part 1


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