9 March 2016

Web Design

How Important Is It to Have a Good UX Design?

It’s 2016 and the Internet has evolved and shifted drastically since its inception. Websites don’t just look different, they feel different. And that is what user experience is all about.

Not often regarded highly enough by some designers, it is a simple fact that user experience is a vital factor in a website’s success, especially where online businesses are concerned. Your site doesn’t just have to simply look great, it has to also feel and function great.

Regardless of whether the user has previously visited your website, it must feel and function as if the user already has. Your website needs to feel familiar and the user must already know how to control and navigate your site’s functions merely by glancing at the design of your interface.

Your layout and design must feel familiar to the user in order to ensure your audience has a hassle-free experience whilst navigating through your business’ website. In doing so, you have the opportunity to increase the success of your business by getting your site in front of a new audience in addition to increasing the amount of sales.

Those in the field of web design today need to have a broader knowledge and a slightly different skillset than what was previously expected of them. Designers need to be able to accurately predict how audiences will interact with an online interface by placing themselves into the shoes of the user and make these considerations whilst implementing their design and structure.

These considerations for UX design are also now a lot more complex than before. Considerations need to be made for the way in which a user experiences a site or web app across several different platforms and devices. Fully responsive web design is now a necessity when it comes to interface design.

These days, it is often not just experts and analysts in UX that have a sense of bad design. Many users cannot describe why they reject certain interfaces but can sense when a site is not functioning they way in which they anticipated and leave the site due to frustration.

For many users, a bad user experience is a deal breaker and can place them into the hands of your competition.

The internet is growing by the day, with new businesses of all sizes acknowledging the benefits of an online storefront. Everyone is looking to get in on the action by moving and setting up shop on the web but not all businesses understand the vital importance of user experience, at a time and in a place where it holds the utmost importance - in ecommerce web design.

It takes UX knowhow and skill in order to understand and implement UX design. Designers have to step into the shoes of the user and see as the user sees.

FDC Studio are Leicester-based experts in designing web interfaces for our clients which tend to their specific business requirements, taking their intended audience into account. We then construct a unique user experience for our client’s website, enabling their users to navigate and access the interface with tremendous ease.

Don’t get caught up in the tidal wave by refusing to conform to UX design standards and practices. Take the steps required to allow your users to navigate your site trouble-free and generate loyal and returning visitors to your website and increase sales of your products or services.

Ready to let us do the hard work for you?

FDC Studio have helped many businesses, based in and around the Leicestershire area, in achieving their business objectives. Take a look at our work.

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How Important Is It to Have a Good UX Design?


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