11 March 2016

Web Design

How to Engage Your Audience and Retain their Attention

It’s 2016 and it seems as though everyone is on the Internet from the local corner shop to our dog’s profile pages on Facebook. My point is, businesses have been gradually shifting from their analogue place of residence to digital spaces amidst the blogosphere over the course of the last 5 years.

Almost everyone is online now regardless of business size and location. But what we are inherently left with is an enormously dense volume of space on the Internet that is occupied by a huge amount of businesses all fighting for the same spot.

So now businesses need to think strategically in order to get their online presence felt by their intended audience and in turn get their products and services in front of the right people.

Many smaller businesses are merely small drops in this neverending sea of online businesses and are struggling to stay afloat. The main question many businesses ask when it comes to their online presence is - how do you manage to engage and retain your audience and convert their initial interest into leads and sales.

Minimalistic design

Design for the convenience of the user and in 2016 this means simple interfaces centered and structured around content. In addition to the stylistic elements of interface design, web designers need to take UX into account.

Fluidity and accessibility is key here. Put yourself into your audience’s shoes and ask yourself - ‘how would this look and feel to someone who has never visited my website?’

Make everything clean and clear to the user with an effectively simple design. Think fast page loading times and everything where you would normally expect it to be with an easy, clear and simple navigation.

FDC Studio can help with all things web design. Visit the FDC website to see some of our work.

Think Devices

The Internet has evolved too since its inception, For many casual browsers, the Internet has shifted from desktop to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. With many users now searching and viewing content on their portable devices, web designers and UX experts need to accommodate this.

Responsive design is a vital necessity nowadays and any website that does not fulfil this necessary requirement is simply cutting itself off from potential users.

Content is Everything

Draw audience attention to your site by writing interesting and exciting content that your audience will want to read, share and engage with. Attract visitors to the news or blog section of your website by writing content that you know will generate interest from your readers.

FDC Studio are a web design agency based in Leicester. Go to our website for more information on how we can help your business achieve your objectives and reach a new audience.

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