3 March 2016

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FDC - Decoding Web Design

If you have had a website before, or are looking to get one designed, you know what a minefield it can be. FDC are a web design agency in Leicestershire that are familiar with the process. We have worked with a huge variety of clients from dust extraction businesses to interior design business and the reason for this diversity is simple - we put 100% of our efforts into making sure every stage of the process is tailor made to suit you and your web design needs.

One of the most important stages of any web development process is deciding the design and content of the web pages. Our in-house web designer is fantastic at designing websites according to the feel and industry of your business.

However, the tone and quality of the content on your web page must also accurately represent your company, too. After all, the website you have for your business is an “online face” and represents you as well as your company. This is why our copywriting services are second to none – your content gets edited over and over until you are happy with the content down to every last word. This is how you can be sure that we match your passion when it comes to your business and provide web design services with that passion in mind.

So, what do FDC have to offer to ensure you are 100% happy with your website design?

  1. One to one meetings: One thing you will learn at a very early stage of the process is that no amount of interaction is too much interaction for us. It doesn’t matter if you want 1 meeting a week to discuss your needs or 10, we will accommodate your requirements to ensure you have as much control over the process as you want.

  2. Expert knowledge: There are few things you can never put a price on, and one of them is knowledge. Here at FDC, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. We will go through the technicalities with you, ensuring that you have the fullest knowledge of everything that is going on, as much as possible.

  3. Fantastic aftercare: Our services will not just stop at handing over the finished product to you but we will also train you on any aspect of your website workings. We will strive to ensure we are providing the best customer care for you even after we have built your website, meaning you can be confident in the workings of your website and be secure in the knowledge that you are supported throughout your journey.

  4. Friendly approach: We will not patronise you. Nor are we condescending. We will ensure that you are familiar with everything and explain it as many times as you want in a friendly manner. Our relaxed, friendly atmosphere is created to ensure you feel comfortable and confident discussing any aspect of your business with us.

  5. Local service: We are a web designer in Leicestershire and are easily accessible to many surrounding regions including Loughborough, Hinckley, Ashby, Nottingham and more. Plus, with offices in Birmingham and London, we are never too far away from your doorstep.

So, if you want a new website, or just want a more up-to-date website, call us on 01164 244 244 to see what we can do for you. Alternatively, you can book a free consultation with us and get to know more about what we can offer specifically for you.

FDC - Decoding Web Design


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