17 March 2016

Web Design

Collaborating Design, Development & Content: The Evolution of a Web Designer

Over the course of its 25 year lifespan, the ways in which the Internet is displayed and delivered has evolved and changed drastically - take a look at the first website published in 1991, for example:

Along with the changes in how the web looks, the roles of those who create websites have also transitioned in parallel with web design.

Traditionally, the roles of Web Designer and Web Developer were separated, with both parts playing their relevant parts without much regard to the other party’s role. The two titles would not function without the other due to the extremely different role descriptions.

A designer would purely need to focus on and possess knowledge of designing the visual elements of a website, leaving the technical aspects to the web developer, who would concentrate on writing all the code involved to make the site function.

Fast forward to 25 years later and we find ourselves in a very different world.

Web Design in 2016

Nowadays, web designers and front-end developers must possess a large mass of knowledge in order to understand the vast topic-base of web design in 2016. In order to collaborate effectively, or even to have the ability of working/getting hired as a sole designer and developer, a web developer needs to possess knowledge of both web design and front-end development.

This need for versatile web experts has birthed a new hybrid species of web designer/developer in the modern age. Many web designers today know both how to code and design a website and often specialise in one element, usually a programming language.

Web experts today need to be able to produce the visual content for a website - web design and UI have also evolved, demanding for increasingly skilled designers that can implement more content-based design strategies! - in addition to having the required coding knowledge to put these design concepts into practice.

With the fast-moving pace of web design, currently moving from desktop viewing to a new home on mobile devices, the role of the web designer will also constantly evolve to accommodate this.

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