11 May 2016

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Choosing The Right Colours for Your Web Design

Did you know choosing the right colours for your web design can ultimately increase customer engagement and conversions!   

Generating ideas for your business logo or name is difficult enough, but choosing the right colour palette for your website is just as crucial and difficult for your online success. Regardless of whether or not content is important, so is this!

Ok so you’ve all heard the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but in all reality, how else would you grab the attention of your readers without a fancy cover? It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s fair to say that, once you have someone’s attention, the content then plays a crucial part. Ultimately it is about the web design colours you choose and how you manipulate them.

First impressions always count, regardless of what some people think. It’s just the truth.

So when designing your website, make sure you keep the below in mind.  

There are 5 most popular colours used in web design that leave your websites visitors warmly welcomed, deeply engaged and irresistibly intrigued. 


Red is considered the hottest colour without a doubt. Often associated with love, it is a strong and dynamic colour that can make you feel very passionate. This colour is also widely associated with clearance and sales promotions, creating that sense of urgency.

Of course, you don’t want to over power your web design with red, so ensure it is a pop of colour. 


This colour radiates warmth and energy, it is not as bold as red. For example, this coloured is used by Amazon. Orange is full of energy and its vibrant and friendly colour invites users to do something rather than feeling forced. 

I would recommend to use orange if after people visit your website you want them feeling stimulated and cheerful. 


When used in business, this colour indicates, confidence, reliability and responsibility, just like Facbook’s use of blue.

Blue is the total opposite to red. Blue is calming, and reduces tension and fear, so there is no way you can use too much of it! You can splash blue all over your web design if you wanted to. Take our website as an example:

Also, don’t forget blue is one of three primary colours thus it is a natural colour, something users prefer than artificial ones. 


Are you feeling optimistic right now? Let me guess, you have just been looking at something green? It could be anything, maybe a plant, or maybe a field. Whatever it was has certainly calmed you down and got your feeling optimistic.

Usually if you are associated with green living or environmental movements you will most likely use green atleast during some part of your design process.


My personal favourite colour! I would plaster this colour all over if I could! Joking aside, purple is linked with imagination and creativity.

Purple is usually used in beauty and fashion, because it calms and soothes more than any other colour. It is also considered to be more feminine and romantic.

Just like red, purple can be considered to be strong and overpowering, making them feel forced or pushed to take a certain action. For that reason, it would be ideal to pair it with maybe white or black.

So now you have a better understanding of what colours to use when creating your web deseign and how it can impact your customer engagement and conversions.

It is important to make the right decision. Make sure you get others opinions, after all different people view things differently. Of course, you need to consider many factors, such as the products and/or services your are selling, your target audience, your brand image and much more. 

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Choosing The Right Colours for Your Web Design


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