23 March 2016

Web Design

The Best Web Design Tactics You Can Use

Web Design is a minefield, and with so much to consider, there’s always someone who has something to say about everything. This is why you should only trust the experts to give you the most accurate advice.

If you are going to take any essential web design principles with you, the ones below are probably the most important considerations you can make when designing your website.

Make it Easy

One of the best things you can do for your users is to have an effective, sleek website design that is easy to use. A chaotic webpage is only going to leave the user confused, and likely to leave.

The reason so many people visit websites instead of going anywhere physically is because it is easier and more convenient. Take this away from their experience, and you are literally taking the very thing they want from their experience away from them.

As a result, when you are thinking about the processes your website has, it’s important to ask yourself this question – is it the quickest and easiest way to get to the desired destination? If the answer to this is yes, you’re on the right track.

Touch and Respond

We don’t hide the fact that mobile phones are being used more and more for browsing these days. In fact, at FC we broadcast it, as it forms an integral part of web design.

Ensuring that your website is mobile friendly means allowing for different screen sizes and the touch function on phones. This means having a different layout and making icons and buttons larger so people can perform the same functions as those on a laptop, with the same ease but on a smaller screen.

Think properly about the kinds of things you want from a good mobile optimized website and try and integrate some of the same elements in your own.

Simplicity is Key

Your website needs data capture. Email marketing is said to be one of the best ways of constantly keeping in touch with customers who have bought, any may possibly buy more from your website. If you don’t have data capture on your website, you are not unleashing the full potential that your website has to bring more business in and therefore increase your revenue.

However the forms you use for data capture need to be simple to use. People are not going to want to fill out forms for hours and hours just so they can receive weekly emails. This won’t go down well at all when it comes to user experience.

Instead, ask only the minimum information you may need in order to send the emails and then look to gather more information from the same people in other ways in the future. If filling out forms takes less time, chances are more people will sign up – this means more data and more business for you which, ultimately, is the big goal.

In case you hadn’t noticed, behind all of the above practices, there is one common theme, and that is user experience. Ensuring that your users are getting the best they possibly can out of your website means that not only will they keep coming back for more, but they may also recommend you over the internet, write great reviews about your services and your site. This will go down very well with Search Engines such as Google and there’s nothing better than being Google’s friend.

So, go ahead, incorporate all of these elements into your website. And, if you’re struggling you can always contact us at FDC Leicester to find out how we can help you by coming to our office for a free consultation.

The Best Web Design Tactics You Can Use


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