11 April 2016

Web Design

5 Reasons You Need a Website Refresh

Everyone knows the importance of a good website. But how do you know if yours is good or not? A good website generates new leads, new customers and a good ROI. If you haven’t ticked the boxes for any of the above, then yours isn’t a good website. Consumers make their decisions based on their online experiences, so your website is more important than ever.

A good web design should be modified and optimised as industry standards are evolving and trends are changing. This doesn’t mean your website needs an entire redesign, instead it might just need a refresh.

FDC Studio understand how important a good, and up to date website is for your business and that’s why have come up with 5 signs that suggest if your website needs a makeover.

Old Site

First and foremost, if your website is out dated, what are you waiting for?! We’re in the 21st century! Ok, you may have last updated your website 5 years ago, but did you know that’s an awfully long time? Web design trends change over time, and the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to change. I know some people just don’t want to part with their website, as they have become too attached to it, but this could be damaging to you and your business. Look through your competitors’ websites, to see the difference between your website and theirs of a more modern and developed site! You will see what I mean.

Not Responsive

In this mobile-driven world it’s a no brainer to understand the importance of a responsive website. With most users accessing the web on the go, it is vital to ensure your website is mobile and tablet responsive. This means no more need to pinch, zoom or scroll to read text. These factors contribute to the user experience and ultimately their impression of your business.

It uses Flash

Adobe Flash was really good back in the days when we didn’t have to worry about smartphones. It still is a great feature as it creates amazing animations for your website, however iPhones and iPads don’t support it, and Mozilla Firefox blocks Flash too! So with this is mind, it might be something you want to stay away from. Also, websites built in flash are not indexable by search engines and they can slow down page load speeds.

High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions where a visitor came and left without interacting on your site. You can find the bounce rate metric through Google Analytics, on the dashboard. A high bounce rate usually signifies that the visitor did not find what they were looking for, they were overwhelmed with your website, or they just didn’t get that great first impression. An average bounce rate is usually about 45%, but always aim lower!

To achieve this, give your website a refresh, pay plenty of attention to the homepage and landing pages. Make sure it is simple and easy to navigate, so the users know and can see what they are looking for.

Its Sloooooooooooooooooooooow

Your website might be visually appealing, but if it’s page loading speed is really slow, it can contribute to a high bounce rate and ultimately affect conversion rates. A slow website is usually contributed through un-optimised images, Flash and large number of videos. A good website load speed is 3 seconds, any more and users will leave your site before you even know.

If you believe your website is outdated and needs an update give us a call to find out how we can help refresh your web design.

5 Reasons You Need a Website Refresh


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