4 January 2011

Top Tips

Top 10 Tips for a Prosperous 2011

Have you made your 2011 New Year's resolutions?

Want to give up smoking, lose weight, spend more time with family or finally shake off those bad habits and long term debts?

We all begin the New Year with good intentions - to get in better mental, physical or financial shape and transform into new improved versions of ourselves - but whether our goals are actually achieved come December is another story entirely.

If you want to raise your game in 2011 with New Year's resolutions that will actually be fulfilled, it's best to begin small and simple. Especially when it comes to business. Often we overlook the basics in order to achieve big, leaving us disheartened when we don't reach our ultimate goals.

Be realistic in the nature of your pursuits, but be strategic in your thinking. Don't look at your New Year's resolutions as a chore to achieve, look at them as a challenge.

And if you need a little New Year's nudge to see your 2011 start in fruitful style here are 10 tips for prosperous success in business and beyond (don't try to attempt all of these at once!):

1. Plan Ahead

Planning is vital if you want to prosper personally and professionally. Get organised early and list all of those things you want to achieve in your year, month or week, with realistic timescales of when you want to achieve them. Make managing your time your ultimate priority so you can stay on track, take stock, review your progress and later reap the rewards.

2. Embrace Change

Make it your aim to embrace change and new technologies, from fresh marketing techniques to new software and social networking sites. Reaching out to a range of outlets through diverse media is essential. If your website isn't attracting the attention you want then talk to experts about what you can do to change it. Look into innovative ways of reaching your target market. If a system, product or a business relationship isn't working for you, stop using it. Don't invest energy into flogging a dead horse. Welcome new alternatives and move on.

3. Learn Something New

Education is ongoing, and learning something new will not only enhance your skills but it will add a new dimension to your life. What you choose to learn may be directly related to your business or it may be completely random, but whatever it is it will surely open your mind and introduce you to new techniques, places and people.

4. Have a Makeover

Need a new look for your company? Sometimes even the biggest brands need a little beautification. If your logo is looking dated or your website is not achieving the traffic you'd hoped for, perhaps it's time to think about a rebrand or relaunch. FDC has helped many businesses transform their look with top results, with graphic design, brand identity, stationery, marketing, web design and development services that can transform your company for 2011.

5. Make Yourself Heard

Don't be afraid to be loud and proud. The internet is one of your most valuable marketing tools, and social networking, blogging and email marketing are all revolutionary ways to promote your business and increase your company's profile. Make a New Year's resolution to hire a marketing expert and start sparking up some new ideas to revitalise your business at minimal cost. Promote yourself - don't be shy!

6. Get a Work/Life Balance

Tired and frazzled with no time to do anything else? All work and no play is a recipe for mental and physical disaster, so try and diarise essential time for yourself so you can recharge and enjoy the rewards for all of your hard work (see New Year's revolution number 1: Plan Ahead!).

7. Be Realistic

We all fantasise about what we'd do if we won the lottery, but it's important to set New Year's resolutions that are obtainable. Unrealistic pipe dreams that can never be achieved will only lead to frustration.

8. Seek advice

Step aside from you pride and seek advice if you are lost, frustrated or in need of positive and professional reinforcement. Don't be too proud to take guidance from experts and don't bury your head in the sand. They're there to help you and have the experience to match. If you need professional advice on your company stationery or marketing literature or web design and development, FDC in Leicestershire can help with any query. Just call us on: 0844 414 2687.

9. Take Risks

Head into 2011 on a journey of exploration (see resolution number 2: Embrace Change)!

10. Have Fun

And most importantly: enjoy what you do and you will do it better.


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