23 August 2011

Top Tips

Six Simple Website Checks For Business Owners

There are a few issues that that crop up  time and again when talking to business owners and when taking a look at their sites. The first is reoccuring SEO problems and the second is the fact business owners generally don’t have much a clue about on line marketing in general.

Whilst this video is very basic, it highlights the sort of things that business owners simply don’t tend to consider: But in taking the time to check them out, you can uncover some pretty startling errors and missed opportunities. Failing any one of these simple tests, would indicate a pretty urgent need for some degree of search marketing support.

Further instructions on the simple tests for business owners can be seen by following the link. Otherwise, please see our SEO services page to see how we can help your business.

Questions to ask:

  1. Do you rank for your business name
  2. Do you have compelling meta descriptions
  3. Do you have unique title tags on every page
  4. Do your URL's canonicalise
  5. Do you have a call to action
  6. Do you understand your analytics


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