10 January 2017

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The Importance of Hiring Quality Website Maintenance Services

When an individual or an organisation hires professionals to create their website, a common perception is that once its up and running, it will continue to do so, for ever and anon. That’s a completely unrealistic expectation though. As is the case with just about everything else, websites too require regular maintenance by highly experienced experts in the field.

Website maintenance and its applications

Maintaining a website in the most basic sense means ensuring that the site remains usable and accessible 24/7 to its visitors throughout the year and is therefore able to fulfil all its functions as per the criteria of its creators.

Such maintenance is concerned with two different aspects of the site i.e. its Technical aspects or ‘back end’ maintenance, which is responsible for ensuring that the site does not suffer any ‘down time’ (that is, it remains offline) and content management or front hand maintenance (it is kept up to date in all its aspects)

Another key feature of a great website maintenance company is that they go about increasing public awareness of the website through its promotion on social media as well as relevant news sites and discussion forums.

One way to understand website maintenance is to compare it to a personal computer or a car.

If the office PC crashes and refuses to boot, it may be necessary to check it for viruses or operating system updates. And if it is a hardware issue that is not easily resolved, then it’s time to bring in an IT specialist for subsequent diagnosis of the problem.

Similarly, if your vehicle breaks down, you might try and restart it, and if that does not work, it would have to be taken to a mechanic. Just because it had been functioning flawlessly all these years is no guarantee that it would continue to do so, ad infinitum.

The same rule applies to websites as well. At the technical level, it will require the services of an outfit that has highly qualified and skilled operatives to keep your site up and running flawlessly in a constantly changing environment that brings with it, its own challenges such as new plug-ins, various upgrades and other assorted features of ever evolving technology.

If the site has too many ‘hits’ (page visits) in too short a timeframe, it just might crash and be unavailable to the end users, which is why it is imperative that the maintenance company has the relevant hardware resources (servers, memory space etc) to ensure that your site is not adversely affected by high volumes of traffic that you are trying to attract.

Safety and security

A web maintenance agency is also responsible for periodic security sweeps and upgrades that help ensure that your site has not been taken over by malicious hackers who may then use it to broadcast their own content or for that matter, gather confidential data of people who trust you enough to leave the same on your site. In fact this is a problem that has recently grown with alarming frequency as hacker networks have steadily grown in sophistication and expertise. Without a website maintenance outfit, your site may become vulnerable to any weaknesses such hackers might exploit.

Front end maintenance: The importance of first impressions and content

A storefront that does not have an eye catching display is not liable to attract many walk-ins. If the wares on display are out of fashion or obsolete or their back ground is just plain unattractive, few people would bother to visit the store.

Online web stores are also like that, if the content is not fresh or the products offered on a ‘virtual store’ are not updated frequently, the odds are that such a website would not be visited often nor would it be recommended to peers by the few visitors who do visit it.

Take the example of a news site. If the news is not updated constantly in real-time, the website would be useless since there would be many other sources of news that would step in to fill the void. This is the nature of the internet. If a visitor does not like something, all he has to do is to close the link and move on, in a second.

This is why it is absolutely imperative to ensure that your website has:

  • A captivating front page.
  • Promotes (preferably) high levels of interaction.
  • Fresh content day in day out. As a matter of fact, the monolithic search engine Google also prefers to bump up the rankings of sites that tend to regularly update their content so as to be able to present the best, most up to date content on their search engine to their users.

A website maintenance company is essential for ensuring your site remains both relevant and popular amongst your target audience and keeps getting the hits you want. For this, it is important that not just content but the user interface is also regularly updated in line with current market trends and it would also help make sure that the latest apps and tools are incorporated in the site so that it remains on top of its game and continues to attract its traffic from amongst the target audience.


Let us take the example of Facebook. It changes the way people interact with the site and with each other, on a regular basis adding and dropping features as and when required. By contrast, Orkut (one of the pioneers of social media in its hay day) preferred to remain stagnant and as a result was consigned to the dustbin of internet history.

In short, at both the back end as well as the front end, professional web maintenance is absolutely necessary for the continued popularity of a website amongst its target audience. The UK-based FDC Studio is one such website maintenance outfit that offers a ‘host’ of services from e-commerce solutions to Digital Marketing to its many esteemed clients, and moreover, has the necessary expertise to handle both front end and back end maintenance for even the most demanding and multi-media intensive websites.

The Importance of Hiring Quality  Website Maintenance Services


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