19 August 2011

Top Tips

How to Make the Most Out of Content

What do you get once you’ve had a website designed and the content has been written, what’s the next step. Do you just leave the website there; rest on your laurels because you’re happy with what you’ve got. Being a copywriter it’s my job to create content for clients and to ensure that FDC’s content is always up to date. I understand that it’s difficult to manage your own site whilst you are looking after your clients but there are a few simple things you can do.

This is because websites are no longer just a shop window; they have the ability to become part of your company. Not only that but they are a hub of information allowing your visitors to know exactly what you do and to feel you know exactly what you’re talking about. 

Throughout the design process clients simply overlook the importance of content. They are seduced by the creativity that design offers and not only that but they look past content and just see it as an afterthought. However, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. Some clients like to be involved with what is written too. People who know and understand that content is as important as the design usually have a completely refined website.

Keep the content fresh

It’s important to keep the content on your website fresh, there’s nothing worse than finally getting the information you need but then find it’s six months out date. Now, it’s not a case of every six months completely rewriting your content – that would waste too much time. It is important to highlight if you have got a new product or service.

Have a news section, blog or portfolio

This is the easiest way to ensure that the content on your website stays fresh, rather than completely rewriting the content on your basic pages of the site create new information on a weekly or monthly basis. It doesn’t take too much time to write a short news piece about a new client or to keep a blog up to date.

If you’re unsure about how to create a blog within your website, create a blog on websites like Blogger, Blogspot or Wordpress. This way you can just provide a link at on your home page and just continually create links between the two; not only is this useful for new information it also could help your Google ranking.

Remember that content is important, and it’s always nice to add some new story or new page. If you have any other information about content or copywriting feel free to call on 0844 414 2687 or email philh@fdcstudio.co.uk 


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