21 August 2012

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How to brainstorm successfully

Behind any prosperous company will be a healthy stream of fresh ideas spouting out of every possible resource. A confident and enthusiastic management team will welcome all suggestions put forward and weigh up their effectiveness to create success. Each person in the workforce and general public will have varying approaches regarding brand messages, delivery of service and general presentation. Each point of view should be considered for a business to fulfil as many needs as possible.

Brainstorming is an idealistic strategy generator which can be used to boost both internal as well as external company morale. It encourages team building and a real sense of purpose, especially when ideas are turned into full working models! Gather your group, ask what they think, and record the ideas. The greatest benefit of brainstorming is that it doesn’t matter whether you have 2 or 100 people involved, as long as a few simple guidelines are set, you’ll have yourself an accomplished meeting.brainstorm ideas

Determine the topic

All sessions begin with a subject - this could potentially even be the suggestion of anyone inside or outside of the company. After this has been determined, agree a plan for the brainstorm. The essential ground rules for the initial stage of the session are to ensure that masses of ideas are jotted down and no expansions or criticisms are discussed.  For once, quantity not quality matters! Allocate a single person to the task of taking note. Ideas put forward could be anything ranging from single words which spring to mind relating to the topic to basic stratagems.


Once all contributions have been gathered, the next step is to simplify and arrange them in a presentable manner. Sort ideas into categories and combine any which are similar; you will likely find that some can be implemented together, complimenting each other along the way. This is the essence of brainstorming!

Examine and discuss

Your ideas have been grouped and filtered, now it’s time to be realistic. Inspect all suggestions which are beyond the scope of the company and put these to one side. After the feasibility of the remaining has been assessed, it’s time to conclude the brainstorming session with a vote. You are now ready to implement and achieve! If the end result hasn’t provided a full solution, not to worry; the productivity of a brainstorm is immeasurable and will always bring positivity toward new ideas for next time.

By Sam Hurley


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