2 November 2011


Are You Taking Advantage Out of the Mobile Web?

“Approximately 15 per cent of all web traffic is now mobile. That means not having a mobile site is like closing your website one day each week.”

Google, Feb 2011

The mobile web has exploded. By the end of the year it is predicted that at least 50 per cent of the adult population in the UK will have Smartphones and tablets. This means that everyone should expect a large proportion of people who will view your website on a portable mobile format.

Okay, so enough of the hardcore statistics and sales patter for a moment; mobile sites, what are they? Sometimes when you go on the internet on your iPhone, HTC or BlackBerry you will visit a site that is differently set out to how you view it on your laptop or PC. This is a mobile site and it is designed to run quicker and more efficiently in a mobile format. One example that I use often on my BlackBerry is the BBC Sport website; they don’t need an app because their mobile site is more than good enough to view everything on.

Before you create an app or even think about having one it’s a great idea to optimise your website for the mobile viewing; that way if you see a huge bump in traffic and the mobile site is heavily used then you can consider branching out into having an app. Too many people dive straight into the tablet and smartphone world without testing the water first. Now you know what a mobile site can offer; what do you need to consider?

  • A mobile site
  • An App
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Location Based Searches

Not to add any sales patter into this blog but just a note: FDC can have help and advise on all four of those considerations, and get in touch if you feel it’s something you want to be a part of.

Mobile SEO

We all know everyone takes SEO very seriously in 2011, and it’s not difficult to see why but let me tell you this: most people don’t consider mobile SEO. Let me whisper this as we don’t want everyone knowing, but the amount of websites that are optimised for mobile SEO is much fewer than generic web search; you could be giving your company or website a huge advantage by going mobile.

So when a search is done from a mobile device the query accesses a separate index maintained for mobile content, and because mobile search is still in its infancy the indices are smaller meaning your website is much more likely to rank higher.

What we have learnt so far?

Good question, but it’s definitely important to consider mobile websites – in fact if you aren’t considering them you’re seriously handicapping your online presence.

Things to remember:

  • Marketing has changed forever
  • Mobile gives you the opportunity to interact with customers like never before
  • If you don’t want an App; why limit your market? Everyone needs a mobile website

“After looking up a business on smartphone 61 per cent called the business and 59 per cent visited them”

Kelsey Group 2010, Google Behavioural Study 2010

At FDC, we’re always looking for new ways to help our customers and clients. We’ve made Apps for clients in the past, but it is far simpler to optimise a website for mobile use and testing whether there is room for an App in future.

One thing that separates FDC from other design agencies out there is that we’re not stagnant. We’re always continuing to innovate ourselves with new products and then marketing them correctly. Digital marketing is the power house for companies now and we help you rein everything in and direct your attention to areas that will capture the best outcome for you and your business.

Hope this has informed you all; for more information just give us a call on 0844 414 2687



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