22 February 2013

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Top 10 Blogging Rules That Should Be Abided By At All Times

Getting involved with regular blogging is a great idea for any business, as it gives your brand personality and character. Thousands of blogs are published every day, from holiday and travel stories to health tips. Whilst blogging is a great idea, you should be ever so careful about the content, as one bad post could give your whole product a bad name.

Below are 10 blogging tips that you should try to stick to at all times in order to keep a good reputation and name for your company.

Rule 1: Tone

Before writing content for your blog post decide on the tone that you want to convey and adopt the writing style that will best do this. Once you have adopted a certain way of writing, try to keep it consistent throughout your blog, this can be hard, but if successfully achieved can put your brand in a good light. People will get used to the tone and language that you use and your product will become more memorable.

Rule 2: Revising vs. Editing

It is imperative that you understand the difference in revising and editing, many companies believe these to be the same thing, but they aren’t! Revising is the process in which the author reviews his work to check that the desired message is clearly conveyed to the audience. When it comes to editing, this refers to the author checking his work for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors and actually correcting them.

Rule 3: Choosing the right words

This may seem petty, but every blog writer should be careful when choosing words to use in their content. Ask yourself, will this word be perceived correctly and clearly by the audience? Choose words which will reflect positively on your brand and be as direct and as deliberate as possible.

Rule 4: Perception

When speaking to a client in person your body language will help portray the message that you want to. Unfortunately, blogging does not have this added benefit and this is the reason why it is imperative that the words on the screen are perceived by the reader in the correct way.

BloggingRule 5: Clarity

To help to get your message across to your audience, use concise and to the point language within your blog. You don’t want to bore your readers so avoid “waffling” at all times. Waffle will only put the reader off and go elsewhere. Your blog should be alluring and eye catching. Your blog should stand out; add some spice and interesting information but make sure that is relevant to your brand.

Rule 6: Be scannable!

Most readers will want to be able to scan through your blog in order to get a general gist of what it is about. Try to use short paragraphs, headlines, sub headings and bullet points, as the easier your content is to read, the more people will want to read it! Don’t put readers off by presenting them with a huge chunk of text! Split it up into easily digestible sections.

Rule 7: Catchy titles go along way

Many people will be drawn in by a catchy and memorable headline, encouraging them to read on. With this being said, ensure that your title is not too short or too long. The number of characters should not exceed 69 as Google will only display 69 characters. Experiment with phrases such as; “How To”, “Top 5”, “The Most” etc…

Rule 8: Using keywords

Keywords are a vital part in any successful SEO campaign and blog. Try to incorporate you business’s targeted keywords in; ALT tags, post URL, META description, categories and tags, content body, headings and subheadings and post title. By doing this you will be optimising where your blog will rank in search engines.

Rule 9: Interlinking

To rank higher in SERP’s, it is a good idea to link to older posts, but always make sure that it is relevant! Do not over link as this is frowned upon.

Rule 10: Proof read your content!

Before clicking post, check, double check and triple check your work! When proof reading your work, it is a good idea to read it out loud as this will help to pick out the silly mistakes that you have missed. Your blog may be full of interesting content, but silly mistakes will make your brand look unprofessional and weak.

By Sarah McDowell

Image By Adikos


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