3 March 2016

Social Media

Live Streaming: a game changer in digital marketing

2016 is undeniably a game changer in the digital marketing space. With the new phase of social media engagement, businesses are definitely being pushed harder to provide audience with real and intriguing experiences. This is happening through the new trend, ‘live streaming,’ which has taken the world by storm. Live streaming social media tools such as Periscope, Blab, Snapchat have introduced a concept whereby you film live events and provide other people an opportunity to see the real live events happening all over the world. This unique concept does not just provide people with experiences but also provides a chance to increase brand/product’s visibility if used correctly.

What are the live streaming outputs that one can use to market product or increase brand awareness?

There are quite a few streaming services buzzing so far in this year of 2016. For instance the most popular live streaming outputs as of today are Periscope, Snapchat, Blab, YouTube, and Instagram. Below is a breakdown of how each webcast functions and how you can market your product or increase brand awareness.

Blab - is a live stream that allows you to record and edit videos. It also has an option for engaging more people in a conversation provided there is an open space. It is a great tool, for discussing marketing strategies and engaging with other brands to see how they are manoeuvring in marketing space. Blab is ideal for increasing brand awareness. It has great features such as allowing video up to 6 hours, can turn recordings into podcasts which you can then upload on YouTube. Hence, it does not only serve on one platform, it also allows you to engage the same information on other platforms. It is simple to use and collaborative. Looking to start engaging your business? Blab could be the best platform for you.

Periscope - is a live stream created by Twitter which provides live streams of events taking place all over the world. With Periscope, the advantage is you can create an advert that can be viewed in 24hrs. It is another perfect way of building strong brand awareness. You can even log in using Twitter if you already have an account with them. The only downfall with Periscope is that the video is only available for 24 hrs. However, if your content is great it can easily help you convert leads into sales.

Snapchat - is a live stream that only streams a live video for 10 seconds and it disappears. This idea of 10 seconds streaming can sound discouraging to business owners, however when you have the right content and are aware of the demography you are appealing to, it can prove to be useful for advertising.

Instagram - though mainly designed to engage with an audience through images, it has also proven to be an ideal place to post a video. The video however, is for a few seconds (certainly more than 10 seconds) but can prove to be powerful if content is right and engaging.

YouTube - Youtube may not be like Blab or Periscope, however, it still proves to be a powerful streaming service as it engages more viewers and can be linked through all the other streaming devices. To vlog on YouTube, one must have a product that is ideally suitable to stream and also with content that is engaging; as well as working links to website.

Facebook - believe it or not, Facebook has also joined the live streaming buzz, it is now offering live videos in which audience can engage in and also ask questions. This can be useful in getting an insight into the customers and potential customers preferences. Facebook can also certainly be used for testing the market and looks relatively promising.

Tip: Good web design attributes to the success of the brand.

These different live streams can be useful for advertising and increasing brand awareness provided they are used correctly. However, getting the most out of this experience requires great content and website.

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Live Streaming: a game changer in digital marketing


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