9 March 2016

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LinkedIn: A Potential Business Platform?

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest professional network service connecting professionals worldwide in their respective industries. For a while, LinkedIn had only concentrated on connecting professionals. However in recent years, LinkedIn has joined other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in advertisement and marketing.

By allowing users to create content and drive their businesses on their site, LinkedIn is a platform that businesses must consider as an option. There are great features that LinkedIn offers to help increase brand visibility as well as turn leads into sales. LinkedIn marketing has the potential to reach millions, making new and great contacts worldwide. It is ideal for specific targeting and connecting with influential networks within a specified industry.

How to market on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a business solution page on its website whereby they have put all the information with regards to advertising, marketing and selling on their website. There are several options and all are ideal, however, I would recommend that you read through and choose one which is ideal for your business. The steps are quite easy and straightforward and if done correctly can be rewarding.

A great way to start marketing on LinkedIn is to:

  • Create a profile page and provide precise and accurate details about yourself and your brand.

  • Connect with professionals within your industry, this increases chances of meeting influential people and increasing brand awareness.

  • Engage in social conversation related to your industry by liking, commenting and sharing information.

  • Write content that is relevant and engaging, and can entice readers to want to know more about your brand.

  • Post content on other social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress) and connect with your LinkedIn site.

  • Acknowledge those who respond to your content as that gives confidence to connections and once again helps increase brand awareness.

With every marketing technique, there are certainly don’ts that must be taken into account, lest fail to achieve desired goals. Below is what one needs to be cautious of when marketing on LinkedIn:

  • In as much as we want make sure our connections know who we are, when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn, it is advisable not explode information on connections. This can be off putting thus can drive potential business endorsers away. Hence, let your profile page summary do the talking.

  • Unless otherwise asked, it is wise to avoid sending information about your company to connections and potential connections. Let your content be the portal to help engage you with different connections.

LinkedIn is without doubt a great place to push your brand. Whether it’s just increasing visibility and brand awareness, or actually selling products, it is worth considering.

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LinkedIn: A Potential Business Platform?


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