22 June 2016

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Instagram - Embracing new changes

Instagram-Embracing new changes
We have already started seeing the new changes made to Instagram and so far there are mixed feelings about these changes. However, the question is how beneficial is Instagram as a social marketing tool?

Imagery, text and video (as of recent) are the core of Instagram and have proved to be effectively engaging. Founded in 2010, this social media channel, has grown at a faster pace reaching to 400million people worldwide. Prior to changes in algorithms, Instagram allowed users to post as much content and it would show in a chronological order. However, after its purchase by Facebook, new changes were slowly introduced and the major change was the reversal of posts from a chronological order to most popular ones. Thus ranking content based on relationship and how engaging it is with users. The logic behind the change was that by ranking content, it would allow users to engage more in an active way.

So what does this mean for businesses?
Even though there are still mixed feelings about these changes, there are a few features that are business friendly and can help increase brand awareness, boost engagement and drive traffic to your website. Some of these features include

Previously, you could only record a 15 seconds video, but now you can record a 60 second video. This is great for all business regardless how big or small. With the new feature, you can also see how many people are viewing, liking and engaging in your video. There is now also an opportunity for incorporating a call to action button. This can be very helpful for marketing insights as well as help you tailor content. However, with the new algorithm in place, alerting users of a new video can be a challenge. The reason being, they will only be able to see the video if their notifications are on. Hence, you would have to inform them so that they do not miss out on the engagement.

Insta Ads
Just like Facebook, Instagram now offers ads for businesses and can be used to target a specific audience. Once again, if the content is relevant and engaging, the post will more likely to be seen at the top. To set up, Insta Ads simply go to Facebook Ads Manager and the set up process is simply straightforward; but it is recommendable to use Power editor or ad creation.

Embracing new changes may seem challenging, but these new features are promising and can provide businesses with a great starting point.

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Instagram - Embracing new changes


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