11 February 2013

Social Media

How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts; Top 5 Tools You Should Be Using!

It is no secret that social media can play a big part in making your business successful, but who has time to effectively juggle and manage all social network accounts? Don’t you just wish that there were tools out there that could make this process easier? Well… your prayers have been answered! The following are the most useful social media tools and how well they rate…


This tool is incredibly handy as it can manage multiple social networks, providing streams for tweets, retweets, mentions, direct messages, news feeds, wall posts and other commonly used updates. This tool also allows the user to set up automated updates across numerous accounts… pretty cool right? Unfortunately to make the most out of all the features you will have to part with some money.


This tool allows the user to simultaneously update an unlimited number of Twitter accounts, plus one Facebook account. It also allows love streams of your mentions, tweets of people you follow, your own tweet, hashtags, trending topics and direct messages. This is such a handy tool, enabling marketers to easily manage their twitter account with the additional of another social network or two.


Gives the user the ability to update several accounts at the same times and buffers scheduled posts; it also measures your tweets and Facebook’s updates performance. This will serve you well if you only have one persona on social media accounts and do not wish to schedule more than 10 posts at one time.


GrabInBox is very useful as it can support a large number of Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts, with the ability to schedule hundreds of posts. The best bit is that it is totally free! This tool is very much under-rated with so many power features under its belt. The one thing I would say is that the analytic side isn’t top notch and it is highly recommended that it is used alongside other social media tools which are specially created in order to monitor your account and page performance.


This tool allows you to manage one Twitter and one Facebook account, allows access to comprehensive analytics and updates your social media accounts. Yes you have to pay a small fee to use this software, but it is worth it. Its strongest feature is its analytics as you will gain access to useful data. It does need improvements in its update scheduler, but this can be fixed by using it in conjunction with Tweetdeck and GrabInBox.


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