20 November 2010

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Google's Global Domination

Get on side with the internet's biggest search engine by using SEO

Google.com is the one of most visited websites on the internet. When you need information online where do you go? Google's search engine is the first port-of-call for most internet users. Without it, how would you find the location of your nearest cinema? Or search online for informative material, images and maps?

Google is now one of the richest and largest companies in the world and it monopolises searching on the internet. So how has Google earned so much success just from being an index of information? The key is in advertising - from which over 98 per cent of Google's revenue is earned.

With the immense amount of information that Google holds, and its muscle power over the internet, it's no wonder companies across the globe are counting on Google to increase their brand. Search engine optimisation (or SEO - the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines by optimising the content) is now a huge marketing technique, and who blames companies for taking advantage of the sheer vastness of Google's database? SEO is an easy thing to get right, but it is also an easy thing to get wrong. Many companies jump in at the deep end in terms of SEO and end up overseeing many of its valuable rewards.

In essence, SEO is about making the most out of Google. It is about making the content of your website relevant. Nowadays, the simplest way to promote your company is through the internet, and Google dominates internet searching. Its share of searching stands at 65 per cent. Considering Microsoft's search engine Bing has just 11 per cent share, and Ask.com has just 3.7 per cent of internet searching, this highlights Google's pedigree. Google's brawn in internet business creates opportunities for companies wishing to promote themselves to a vast audience. With the amount of websites around, it's important to set yours apart through good SEO.

FDC has a wealth of knowledge in SEO, and sees it as a vital part of marketing. FDC firmly believes in creating good SEO as a way to success and provides a full service with free reports on SEO feedback. The easiest time to create good SEO is when your company is undergoing a new website design and rebrand.

Dale Moreton, Managing Director at FDC, says: "Search engine optimisation is important for every business because it allows companies to be found within search engines. However, to make sure you are at the top of search results, it is also as important to follow the rules. If you adopt a method that is against the rules of the search engines or is unethical then you run the risk of being taken out of the searches and the time frame has never been detailed by a search engine as to the length of time it takes to be listed again. This will affect your current customers searching for you and potential clients looking for your services.

"FDC provides SEO to British Sugar and Aerotherm, who have come to us because they want to optimise their website within search engines. Because search engines are so vital in modern day information- seeking, companies have no choice but to do this correctly."


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