7 March 2013

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Getting Started With Guest Blogging

My last blog established why guest blogging is so important to a successful SEO strategy, so it only seems fitting that I go on to give you the necessary knowledge to get started.

You already know what the benefits associated with guest blogging are but did you know that the method can be implemented relatively quickly to any SEO campaign? Below I have highlighted what is involved in the process and the steps involved in publishing guest articles.


First things first you will be required to carry out some research. There are many ways in which you can locate quality blogs that will allow you to guest post, one exGuest Blogsample is to search Google for blogs/websites that are relevant to your niche. While you are riffling through different blogs, try and focus on quality blogs that will add some kind of value to your own website. Try to avoid low quality or articles which appear spammy and instead look out for a quality site which regularly post articles and update their content.


The next step is to make contact with the chosen blog that you would like to write for. Most sites will have a “Contact Us” button (normally displayed at the bottom of the page) which will direct you to a page where contact information will be. Simply ask them if they’d like to start a partnership and whether they would be happy to accept guest posts from you on a regular basis. Not every response will be positive, but stick at it until you get a yes!

Get Writing

The last step is to get writing the articles! It is worth looking through previous posts to see what kind of topics have been addressed in the past and what tone do most authors adopt? Websites will only accept content that they are happy with, so do you research first to avoid disappointment!


Written By Sarah

Image By Nick Allen


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