22 April 2013

Social Media

Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Social Media

Don’t get me wrong social media is great in the way that it can help your business in many ways such as;

  • The promotion of your business,
  • Increased brand reach,
  •  Increased customer interaction.

However, a problem arises when business owners prioritise their social media accounts and start to neglect their actual website, as this can actually have a negative impact on your website, so be careful!

Have you ever sat back and considered the amount of time you actually spend on social media platforms? Some people only spend a few minutes a day, whereas others can end up on there for hours. Each company has their own social media method and process, but the underlying message is that if you spend too much time you could actually end up regretting it. I will explain how.

It’s only a social account…

Have you ever considered what would happen if a certain social media platform no longer existed or your account was deleted? Social networks can alter their terms of service at any time and decide that you are no longer following the regulations and therefore delete your account. Your profile may even be reported as spam, resulting in your account being flagged and suspended. If this happens, all that time and effort that went into social media is gone. Just like that.Social Media

Remember MySpace?

A number of years ago MySpace was the most popular social media platform and then came along others such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, stealing MySpace’s limelight. Social network platforms are unpredictable. One moment they are popular and the next they are out of the public eye.

That entire time people spent working on their MySpace profile became a waste. This wouldn’t happen with your own website, as you are in control and can continuously update and develop your site, in order to establish your brand.

You shouldn’t ignore social media all together; all that I am suggesting is that you spend more of your valuable time on utilising and developing websites that you own. This way you are building on something that no one can take away from you, meaning your time and effort will not become a waste. Try and make sure that you are frequently updating your website content and enhancing the user’s experience.

Social media should be used as a support...

Social media should be used to support your website. Your website should be your primary web presence. With so many different social media channels available, do your research and choose one that will best support your brand.

For example, YouTube can be used to host any videos that you wish to promote whereas Twitter can help to promote and boost your latest blog posts.

Use social media to draw potential customers to your website and then they can be hopefully converted into a sale.

It’s all about having the right balance between social media and your website. Once you have this you will start to see results.

By Sarah

Image By Esther Vargas


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