22 August 2014

Social Media

Are We All Marketers Now, Thanks to Social Media?

Social networks throughout the web are now used instinctively in order to ensure more sales, views, or essentially to market something. Whether it be; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, or even Google – you can no longer log on and avoid seeing some kind of advertisement or marketing scheme unfortunately.

Gone are the days where Facebook was mainly used to interact with friends, YouTube was used purely to make funny homemade amateur videos, and Google was simply a means to an end.

This does bring positivity…

Everyone wants to try social media out as a platform to advance from. YouTubers and Viners can now become somewhat of a celebrity – if they post a video that goes viral.

For example; the highest individually run YouTube channel in terms of subscribers is that of ‘PewDiePie’ (pictured below). Whilst his channel may not share anything necessary for its subscribers it does provide some entertainment and it just goes to show sometimes simplicity is all that’s needed; this channel has just short of 30million subscribers.

With this number of subscribers, there is a great opportunity for advertising, as everyone who watches the video will see the ad. YouTube has obviously homed in on this and it is estimated the annual worth of this particular channel is around $7million. So as you can see, it can bring great opportunities to the ones clever enough to take them.

(Photo Courtesy of: businessinsider)

(Photo courtesy of: socialtimes)

What it means for businesses…

But what does this mean for your businesses? It is all well and good being able to make a very successful entertainment based channel on your own, but that is something of a phenomenon. Building business status online, whatever the social media, is something very difficult to do.

It takes a group effort, lots of time, planning and preparation for any social media-based business plan to really come off and be worthwhile. It is most likely a lot of companies won’t be able to compete on this field, as they may not know how to do it, or have the time to do it on top of their already very busy schedule.

It is important it is done properly, as this is a worldwide representation of your company, you wouldn’t want it to look poor now would you? Therefore, it is, in most cases, best to have experts to this for you; to ensure the utmost top quality and best results.

How FDC can help…

This is where we come in. We house industry experts with years of experience and knowledge to be able to manage your social media effectively. We will identify the areas you need to improve and how to get the most out of your accounts.

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