Instagram - Embracing new changes

22 June 2016

Social Media

Instagram-Embracing new changesWe have already started seeing the new changes made to Instagram and so far there are mixed feelings about these changes. However, the question is how beneficial is ...

LinkedIn: A Potential Business Platform?

9 March 2016

Social Media

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest professional network service connecting professionals worldwide in their respective industries. For a while, LinkedIn had only concentrated on connecting professionals. However in recent ...

Live Streaming: a game changer in digital marketing

3 March 2016

Social Media

2016 is undeniably a game changer in the digital marketing space. With the new phase of social media engagement, businesses are definitely being pushed harder to provide audience with real and ...

Social Networking’s Flexibility Now Affects Everything, But Is That A Good Thing?

28 August 2014

Social Media

As you may already know, if you’re on a social networking site, specifically Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or others of this ilk; one thing you will notice is that anything ...

The Ultimate On-Going Battle; Facebook Or Twitter?

26 August 2014

Social Media

As Facebook and Twitter continue to up their game there will always be the debate; which is better? Both sites are undoubtedly very useful and popular for both business and ...

Are We All Marketers Now, Thanks to Social Media?

22 August 2014

Social Media

Social networks throughout the web are now used instinctively in order to ensure more sales, views, or essentially to market something. Whether it be; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, or ...

And That's How The Cookie Crumbles

7 August 2014

Social Media

The public love to be informed of what is happening in the world. We read, watch and tweet news and current affairs, ranging from serious global debates on the Gaza ...

Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Social Media

22 April 2013

Social Media

Don’t get me wrong social media is great in the way that it can help your business in many ways such as; the promotion of your business, increased brand reach and increased customer interaction.

4 Steps To Boost Your Social Engagement

20 March 2013

Social Media

With every business wanting to try their hand at social media in order to get their company name out there, build brand awareness and promote their products, ultimately, their goal is to increase social engagement with potential customers as a bid to bring in leads and generate sales.

Managing Online Reputation

19 March 2013

Social Media

Today, the internet is recognised as the world’s biggest marketplace, with many potential clients and partners just a click of a button away.

Getting Started With Guest Blogging

7 March 2013

Social Media

My last blog established why guest blogging is so important to a successful SEO strategy, so it only seems fitting that I go on to give you the necessary knowledge to get started.

Tips For A Successful PPC Campaign

7 March 2013

Social Media

After talking about common PPC mistakes in my previous blog, this blog looks at some PPC tips to help try and make your ad campaign a hit.

Identifying An Online Community

5 March 2013

Social Media

Right, so your business has finally tapped into the social media world, your account has been created, your profile is activated and you are ready to go, but you have no idea how to increase your online presence and brand awareness.

Using Facebook For B2C Businesses

27 February 2013

Social Media

With 1.06 billion monthly users – 618 million of these logging in on a daily basis – Facebook is the leading social networking site across the globe. With this in mind, Facebook can play a vital role in promoting a business. This leaves the obvious questions; how? When should a business post? What should a business post? How often should a business post?

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Succeed

26 February 2013

Social Media

Social media platforms have undoubtedly become some of the most popular websites over the last couple of years, continuing to grow with millions more users registering every month.

Top 10 Blogging Rules That Should Be Abided By At All Times

22 February 2013

Social Media

Getting involved with regular blogging is a great idea for any business, as it gives your brand personality and character.

It Has Been Proven That Social Signals Work!

12 February 2013

Social Media

Anyone who grasps basic knowledge of SEO knows that the more quality backlinks you have, the higher your site will rank in Google… that is simple!

How To Manage Your Social Media Accounts; Top 5 Tools You Should Be Using!

11 February 2013

Social Media

It is no secret that social media can play a big part in making your business successful, but who has time to effectively juggle and manage all social network accounts? Don’t you just wish that there were tools out there that could make this process easier? Well… your prayers have been answered! The following are the most useful social media tools and how well they rate…

Good Practice Video Optimisation

12 November 2012

Social Media

Certain keywords and phrases in your title will inevitably rank your video higher in Google - an important objective for any business model...

Stop wasting your time; people don’t use social sites for search…

24 August 2012

Social Media

It’s a bold statement, and in theory it’s true. No one really uses social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter to search for products or services like they do with search engines. But with these social websites and the vast amounts of information they contain...

Article Spinning and why it’s a no, from us.

22 August 2012

Social Media

Imagine this; you’re browsing for information on a specific topic that’s highly targeted, so much so that the information on the internet, as far and wide it may be, is limited on that subject and all you keep coming across is pages and pages of gibberish. What’s weird is that as you search you keep coming across a similar written format, content and article size. Coincidence; we think not...

Conversion Content Marketing

17 August 2012

Social Media

In the dog-eat-dog world we live in, it becomes all too easy for businesses to become sucked up by the standard ‘buy now’ call-to-action methods which offer the consumer very little chance to build relationships and trust with the provider. Read more...

Social Media Tips for B2B and how to maximise your use of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

19 July 2012

Social Media

A company who sells B2B can implement social networking using similar techniques as a B2C – the approach has to be slightly different considering your audience, but the desired result remains the same. To really penetrate the minds of your potential leads there are a variety of ways in which you can stand out from the crowd. At FDC we can show you how…

How to Use Social Signals to Manage Your Brand’s Reputation Online

1 December 2011

Social Media

Brand advocacy is a difficult commodity to come by, but by understanding your network and engaging intelligently, you can significantly enhance your online proposition.

Why Businesses Should Use Social Media to Establish Cross-Cultural Relations

25 November 2011

Social Media

We take a look at how using social media can help businesses to carry out market research in foreign markets and how they can learn from other's mistakes.