31 March 2016

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Why what you do for Google helps with Yahoo

SEO – it’s a tricky business if you don’t know what you’re doing and a lot of hard work for agencies like us as we constantly have to keep on top of the latest updates and changes. Doing so wouldn’t be possible without the passion and dedication of the FDC team, and this is why we thrive so well.

“SEO” is something that is thrown around so casually these days that everyone knows what it stands for, even if they don’t necessarily know what it means. For those of you that don’t know, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a phrase that encompasses the efforts to ensure that the rankings for a particular website are bettered using various techniques. These may be free, or paid (although the paid branch of SEO is better known as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing).

When we think of a Search Engine, we normally think of Google. After all, 95% of all searches worldwide are performed on Google. In fact, with 10 billion searches being performed on Google alone per month, it’s no wonder that the other Search Engines have taken a bit of a backseat and let Google enjoy the spotlight for quite some years now.

However, with increase in popularity, you also get an increase in competition, which isn’t great for those businesses just starting out. Not to mention that by putting effort into catering for users of Google alone, you are not marketing yourself or your business to the other 5%.

So, those are the benefits of also tailoring your SEO to alternative Search Engines such as Yahoo and Bing. However, how do you go about conducting SEO for those Search Engines? After all, they are different to Google, aren’t they?

The answer to this is yes and no. They are different to Google in the sense that Google is Google, whereas Bing is Bing (obviously) but the differences end there. At the end of the day, they are both simply Search Engines, it’s just that one is more widely used than the other.

Because of the fact that they are both Search Engines, the SEO techniques that you use for Google can also be used for other Search Engines – you only need to do the same things and keep track of how well your website is performing on Bing. This is easy to do if you have Bing Webmaster as well as Google webmaster, as you can actually see how and if your SEO efforts are paying off on Bing. After all, it’s hardly going to impact your business negatively if you decide to target the other 5% of the internet’s population that the majority of other businesses seem to somehow dismiss.

So, with minimal additional effort but the advantage of marketing to new people, there is no reason not to continue your SEO efforts for other Search Engines and be ahead of the game.

Why what you do for Google helps with Yahoo


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