6 March 2013

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Why Is Guest Blogging So Important To A Successful SEO Strategy?

Obtaining inbound links is key to any SEO strategy, as this is one factor that can help boost where you rank in search engines, such as Google. There are various methods that businesses can utilise to gain these ever important inbound links and one of these comes in the form of guest blogging.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a well-known and effective SEO method that every company should try to embrace!

This method is the process where a blog/website happily takes and uses text/content which is written by another author. A pretty simple concept to grab really! A relationship is thus established between the blog/website and author, where both parties receive benefits. The blog/website owner will be receiving quality content and the guest author will profit from many advantages that will have a positive impact on their own site. These advantages are listed below. Guest Blogging

Quality backlinks

Many blogs/websites will happily let you include backlinks directed to your website, as long as you provide them with quality content. These backlinks not only provide a link to a landing page of your choice, but also direct readership traffic and interested users to your site. Try to use websites which are of a high quality and are relevant to your brand.


By writing articles for different sites, you will gradually get your brands name out there and others will start acknowledging you as an authority. Guest blogging will allow you to establish your brand and thus your site will start to rank higher in search engines. Don’t get too carried away, as by placing links at random, this can actually start to dilute your SEO efforts.


By utilising guest blogging, your business is actively spreading links across many domains. Search engines will reward you for this effort, as this shows that your website is being acknowledged as an authority among many different sites. The greater the increase in your link diversity, the more likely your page will rise in SERP’s.


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