4 August 2011

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Who Understands Google Places

Search results pages have come a long way in the last decade. Far more than a list of websites, many searches now provide results from other sources, most often of which is Google Places. No doubt you along with millions of other people every day have used this service – often without even realising it.

Google Places is a free service which allows Google to organise information about businesses based on their physical location. For many search queries providing this information on the results pages is far more relevant than simply a list of websites. If your business is not listed, you are not going to get a share of those visitors.

It’s not only the direct website traffic that Google Places is likely to send to your site – quite naturally listing your business on Google places is an excellent indication to the search engine that your website is also relevant for localised search terms. The extension of this  logic is that even if the information doesn’t show up in the rankings for a given phrase, you achieve an improvement in general  search traffic through improved SERPs.

No matter what size of business you are, getting listed is an essential task in the general basic SEO of a site. It is no coincidence that part of our basic SEO service involves ensuring your business and website are listed on not only google service  but also Bings and Yahoo search engines.


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