5 August 2011

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Who is Matt Cutts

This helpful and interesting man could be the difference between success and failure online. Most importantly he provides the Webmaster Guidelines and teaches how to crack down on link spam. He also advises the public about how to get better visibility in Google searches as well as webmaster queries in general.

You want to know about Google and optimise your website as best you can. Well without knowing who Matt Cutts is you may as well not bother. This guy is the go to person at Google for SEO Knowledge. And the best part is that he produces vast amounts of content on the internet for people wanting to learn about SEO.

If you’re a marketing manager you should really take notice of this guy. If you want to be noticed as a company he provides some of the best tips. Cutts is all over the internet and can help you with whatever SEO queries you have. Essentially if you are part of a business in 2011 and you aren’t exploiting the internet and more specifically search engines for everything they are worth you are seriously missing the point.

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